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Friday, August 26, 2005

Another Boring Night

Well I just celebrated my anniversay not long ago. I have to say, I feel old being a SAHM with two children. I got all dressed up that night to go out. I have to say this is the best picture I have ever seen of myself. It's amazing what make up can do!
Peyton finally started crawling. Anyone with kids knows that it is on now! Time for running around after baby. I guess that's all! Everyone have a great night!


Congrats on the crawling- your son is too cute. You look fabulous hope you enjoyed your night out
Hi, Natasha

Was just out visiting and wanted to stop in and say "Hello" Your son is just adorable. He's crawling and on the move now...oh no! Wait till he's walking.

Love your picture!!

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!!

hi! i was bloghopping and saw your baby.. so cute! ^^
You look fantastic!
I guess I'll be the first male pig to comment.

You are HOT! Your husband is very fortunate.

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