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Thursday, February 22, 2007

For all my "Friends" and "Lost" Fans!

I found this on You Tube and I loved it. I love the show. I love the song. What can I say? This goes out to all my friends out there!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Turning Back Time

I am sitting here today typing a paper for English. Many thoughts are going through my head today and after talking to my oldest friend, I start to wonder about life. I have to admit, I am happy that I am married and I am happy I have kids, but sometimes I don't feel so happy. I sometimes look back on my past and think about all the things I would change if I had another chance. People I would save or would have lended an ear to. People that I made enemies for reasons that were beyond our control, and let's face it, pity things that never really mattered to begin with. I would have embraced the good times not realizing how they wouldn't last forever. As a kid you think things will last forever, or when you see things going on in your life, you think that is how it is. We are "sheep" in this worl and that everybodyshould feel the same. We all are really different though.

My best friend went to another school in the town next to mine and while we were not old enough to drive, we kept in touch by phone. I remember we used to talk on the phone all hours of the night even when we had school the next day. She told me a bit ago, how I would tell her I was tired and asked her to tell me a story on the phone. Sounds crazy huh? She would tell me stories until I fell asleep. I remember talking on the phone with her in the mornings while getting ready to go to our different schools and we would sing songs on the phone. She remembers that no matter whose house we went to, even as we got older, the first thing we would do is turn on a curling iron. It had to be one that would heat up in 30 seconds!

This friend was the best friend I could ask for and we share many memories. We both have two children now but are lives are still quite the same. We aren't always happy and we both have a lot of issues. Could mistakes we made back then be the reason for our problems now? A couple of years back we bumped heads all the time and even had stopped talking for awhile. She didn't agree with where my life was going, but now, she sees it more clearly. She understands everything I was going through because now she is going through it.

So yeah, I guess this is sort of a depressing post, I just think back at all of my past and wish I could change things sometimes. I wish that I had a second chance at certain things. OK. Actually this may have something to do with watching "Lost" this past week and the story I am analyzing for English. Oh well, we all get a rambling post sometimes!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How We Met

Sorry this is late but some things came up yesterday. This story is long and drawn out but I didn't know how to get it all in there. Let's face it, I like detail. We were "friends" before we "dated." So there are two parts to this story. If you don't want to hear about my "immature" teenage years, please don't read this!! I tried to leave as much out as I could. I don't want it to change the way people think about me. I have grown up alot since then!

Part 1; How We Met

It was a brisk night in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. I was with one of my best friends riding around town. That is what we did back there. We “cruised the strip” every night of our lives trying not to get ourselves in trouble. Let’s just say, I wasn’t sober. We had a place we called “public parking” where all the rednecks and crazy people would hang out. Um yeah, I was a country girl back then. I was up there with a group of people when a good guy friend of mine pulled up. We will call him “Dude.” Dude pulled up to us and got out with this guy. It was about 12 midnight and I had already been “not sober” for about 5 hours. I know what you are thinking, but hey! I was still seventeen and I loved to party. I loved getting into trouble and I loved to be rebellious. So when I saw Dude I said” hey” and noticed his “brother.” When I saw him, I looked at my friend.

“Don’t say we are f#cked up,” I told her.

See his brother was totally against drinking or doing anything that was illegal. I was really worried he might call the cops on us. Dude introduced the guy and we said “hi.” There was no love at first sight or I KNOW I am going to marry this guy one day. To me, he was just some guy.

The guy asked us why we were acting so strange and asked us if we had been drinking.

“Drinking??!! Are you crazy? I don’t drink!” Then he said, have you been hitting up the Vodka bottle, as a joke. Stupid me had a Kelly Pickler moment. “Vodka!? What the hell is Vodka?” This argument went on for about another minute with my friend giggling and denying every bit of our “non soberness.”

Finally “Dude” pulled me to the side. “What are you doing? Why are you acting like you acting so weird? He doesn’t care.” I told him I was worried his brother was going to turn us into the cops. “My brother? That’s not my brother. That is my new roommate!”

Oh Goodness. How stupid was I? I went over there and admitted what we had been doing all night, and he was cool. We talked for a bit and my friend and I left to cause more trouble. Later that night, we saw Dude again and he asked us if we wanted to go to this beer plant in EC to get some free alcohol because J worked there. I was like okay, and we went. I got my alcohol, then went home and went to bed.

Boring story? Huh? Yup that is the first night we met. Not as interesting as what was left to come….

Part 2: How we got tegether

So I found out that first night who I could turn to for free alcohol when I wanted it. I was already friends with Dude and we all started hanging out more. I even at one time was BAWLING over this guy that had “played” me back then. Who was there? Dude and J. He probably thought I was so stupid back then. He tells me to this day, all he could think about is, why is this pretty girl that can get just about anyone, sitting here crying over some guy that obviously isn’t worth her time?”

It wasn’t too long before we all were hanging out all the time, going to parties together, calling each other. We were all just friends. Since it was just friendship, I got to know some of his bad perks, such as having 3 women chasing after him all the time. The thing was, no matter how bad things got in my life, him and Dude were always there for me. They would talk to me and understand how I felt-no strings attached.

My feelings started to change at Dude’s 21st birthday party, which I wasn’t going to go to because this crazy bitch wanted to kick my ass. So J called and said Dude really wanted me there and that they would make her leave before me. I went and hung with J the whole time. I really had mixed feelings about him at the time. I loved being friends with him, but I don’t know if it was his company or what. I wanted to be around them ALL the time. I would hang out at their place and we would all go to movies. Of course J still had his women issues.

My feelings turned into craziness. I was always trying to find ways to be around him. We planned this trip to the beach and everyone went, because I wanted him to go. That night when Dude showed up and J wasn’t there, it tore me apart. J had gone to meet his ex. I still kept quiet about my feelings, except to my closest friends. It later turned into stalking. I would purposely ride up and down his road when I knew he was coming home from work just so he could see me, and hopefully call and see what is up.

Finally, one crazy night, my friend talked me into telling him how I felt. I remember going up there to his house and he didn’t really think much of it I guess because I was always going up there. I told him I needed to talk to him by himself and we went outside. I think he thought I wanted something, because I usually wanted something. I was acting all giddy and stupid…I had everything I was going to say planned out and forgot it all.

“I think I like you.”

WHAT?!!?? Did I just say that out loud? What kind of crap was that? “I think I like you.” My stomach started to hurt and I HONESTLY can’t remember what was said after that. I remember getting in my car thinking…”He probably thinks I am nuts.” That night Dude called and told me J told him. I was like, “Well what did he say?” I don’t think Dude was happy about it, but that’s a WHOLE other story.

The next day 52 showed up in my pager, which ended up showing a lot in the future. They were the numbers to his initials and he would page me and put that in whenever he was thinking about me. The transition from friendship to dating was hard. We just did things we normally would have done. It was like we were still friends. After two weeks he hadn’t even kissed me yet. No peck…no nothing. That’s another story too LOL.

To fast forward, after about two months, on August 1st 1999, he called me at 3 am in the morning and told me he couldn’t sleep. He had wanted to make it official-I guess we are old fashioned- but he wanted to make sure that we were definitely dating and I was his girlfriend.

Now , two kids, and 8 years later, we are still together. I am one to not know about love at first sight. I believe in it, but I didn't go through it. I fell in love with J because he was shy, and sweet, and always knew how to make me feel on top of the world. We have already had many rocky roads in our relationship and things have felt crazy at times, but we always get through them, and I like to think it's because we have so much in common, something I found out from the start!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And The Winner Is.....

Thanks for the entries for the Valentine's Day Writing Contest. ...and the Winner is....(Drumroll Please)....Chelle at Crazy Thoughts by Chelle. Go congratulate her and give her some LOVE.

I want to thank the other writer's the stories were great and it was a hard choice. We had a group of three women including moms judging. Be sure to visit the other entries below!

1. Three Peas in a Pod
2. Unicorn Child
3. Mommy Does It All

Some want to know how I came up with "How We Met" as the theme. I want to have this contest every year, so this will make it my first "Annual Valentine's Day Contest." In case the same bloggers want to enter, I don't want the same story every year, so next year we will have a different theme.

I haven't posted my story yet, which of course is because I want to join in. it is a little odd so look for it tonight!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Day Writing Contest

UPDATE: View the participants below. They have some great stories. Go show them some LOVE on Valentine's Day!! There is still time to participate my friends, so come join in:)

1. Three Peas in a Pod
2. Crazy Thoughts by Chelle
3. Unicorn Child
4. Mommy Does It All

Today launches our Valentine's Writing Contest. We are looking for all kinds of memorable stories from your first meeting with the love of your life. We want to hear them whether they are funny or romantic. You might have been in love at first site or you may have been friends before you ever started dating. No matter what, we want what comes from the heart. You can use false names in your story if you would like, as long as it's YOUR writing and nobody else's. The theme is "How We Met."

Rules for this contest is as follows:

1. This contest is for ANYBODY that blogs and has a story to tell.

2. Please post about the contest along with your story. Spread the word:)

3. After you post your story on your blog, be sure to leave a comment on my blog with your link.

4. The deadline for this contest is Feb.13 at 12 midnight. Yes we have extended the deadline:)

5. Winners will be announced on Valentine's Day!

The winner will receive the prize below courtesy of Holly Ehle. She is a consultant For Once Upon A Family. Be sure to check out her other great products at


WOOD-PATTERN LOVE BOX This is the gift you can give all year long. Inside this charming wood-patterned paper box are 12 love-themed cards for you to list all the reasons why you love that special someone in your life. Give to your spouse, a boyfriend, your children, a favorite Aunt, a Grandparent or a special friend. Once the notes are personalized, this box becomes a gift of love that your loved one will consider a treasured keepsake. Add an element of surprise and hide the box somewhere your recipient would least suspect: in their car, at their office or buried in their sock drawer. This little surprise will surely brighten their day. Includes 4-1/4” x 4-1/4” x 3” box with 12 love-themed cards.

Once we know you have posted your story we will announce it so everyone else can read! Good Luck!

Valentine's Contest

UPDATE: I wanted to let everyone know that I am holding a Valentine's writing contest. The theme is "HOW WE MET." Think about it and come back here tommorow for more details including prizes! If you would like to help sponsor this, let me know.

So it's the end of yet another week of chaos around here. Okay, my week actually never ends but let's just say it's almost the end. There is just never enough time in a week anymore. I have so much stuff to do every week and before I know it, it's Friday. Some exciting news is the kids are going to their grandma's after T's basketball game in the morning and I honestly need the break. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but sometimes I need them to go away. My English teacher stinks this year and I am having problems in Literature. My week is full of interpreting and analyzing stories that I can careless about.

My good times this week have included "Lost" coming back on. I watched it and feel completely satisfied yet still as Lost as I can be. My older son only got into trouble in school one time this whole week. Believe me, that is great for him! My two year old is finally calling me "Mommy" and NOT "NINNY."

Bad times this week-well Literature for sure. An anonymous fan of mine that has been obsessed with my blog, posting quite funny things to tell the truth, but nothing I believe my readers want to see. They don't want to read my "lame ass" blog, yet they come back and peek around EVERYDAY. I can't get rid of a bunch of fruit flies. They are probably the most annoying things I have ever come across. Oh yeah- and we didn't get the house we put an offer on AGAIN. Lastly, this is a new one, reading THIS sad sad story. How can people be so damn cruel?? Sorry, but people like that don't deserve to live.

Since Valentine's Day is on a weekday, we are going to celebrate a little early this year. We are thinking about just heading out of town. I really want to go to Bossier City to the casino. I haven't been in awhile because I don't like to gamble my money away but I am feeling rather lucky. We have been trying to get a house and maybe I will hit the big one this week and my worries will go away. Most of all, the hotel room at those places are pretty cheap but pretty extravagant. I mean they are nicer than any other hotel room for the price that is for sure!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans for the weekend? What were your highlights this week and how do you find enough time in the week to get things done??

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dining Out on Valentine's Day CHEAP!

I wanted to share a little something I had seen on the news awhile back. After today, my reader's will probably realize I have spent all day looking up Valentine's Day on the Internet!

If anyone is a stay at home mom like me and feels like they are low on money this Valentine's Day, I found this great website where you can get Gift Certificate's for less than what you would have to pay at the actual restaurant. Another wards, you pay $10.00 for a gift certificate worth $25.00! This is real folks. The restaurants that use this site are nice upscale places. I saw an interview on the NBC in Dallas and they said they use this program to bring costumers in and to promote their restaurants uniqueness. Anyhow, I have used this before and the restaurants change from time to time so see if your favorite is listed!

Here is the deal, you should at least try it. Below is the information for a special coupon. Just click on it and put your zip code in, and it will pull up a TON of restaurants in your area. This would make a great gift on a budget as well!

Save 50% on Dining Certificates and get a $10 certificate FREE! Use code SWEETHEART at checkout. Offer valid through 2/10/07.

I am now off to find more great deals!

Print a Free Valentine Day Coupon

I just found some cute Valentine's Day coupons that you can print out on your computer. Not all relate but I thought I would share. I printed out the "Enjoy A Night Off" for Valentine's Day. Just thought I would share these with everyone!

Free Valentine's Day Coupons

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Precious Moments

My kids on Christmas morning. This is when they are opening their stockings. I will never forget this past Christmas. I have so many pics but I love when the kids open the stockings. It was precious! Aren't they just sooooo adorable? It's obvious they took after their mommy and daddy!!!

Blogroll Update-I have updated it a little. If anyone that is up there wants me to change a title, let me know!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Some Updates

Hey friends! It's a new year and time for a new start. (I know...I am a little late with the New Year!)

I have noticed that many of the bloggers on my blogroll don't even exist. Many people have moved away and not sent me a new address. Some have just abandoned their homes. I wanted to let everyone know that my blogroll will be coming down next week. If you read my blog and want to be on my blogroll then please leave me a comment. A couple of you I know will stay up there. If you come here when the new one is up and you don't see your link, be sure to drop me a line.

It is just hard for me to read and keep up with the blogs I love because I get tired of hitting my back button.

Don't forget to visit my website Mom Advice Central. I will also be starting a new blog soon so everyone watch out!

I still am having second thoughts on posting my AI home audition video. Maybe if someone else will do it too it will make me feel better. Any volunteers? LOL

On another note it has been snowing here for like 3 days. The weather this year is definately whacked! So it is going to be freezing cold here all weekend and I plan on going to my son's basketball game in the morning, and then cuddling on the couch all weekend until the Super Bowl. I hope everyone has a "Fabulous" ( my word for the week) weekend. Keep safe with all the wicked weather going around!