Mommy Needs To Vent

Friday, December 02, 2005

I Have Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by my one of my dearest cyber friends Karen at Reflections of a Not So Ordinary Mom.  My duty is to write 10 things that explain myself and then tag 5 other people.  Problem is…..She already tagged the other bloggers I know!  So I am only tagging one!

1. I hate being alone.  I always need someone to talk to or be around.  I am alone all the time so that may be the reason for this feeling.
2. I believe in everything supernatural and unexplained.  I love watching scary movies and movies dealing with ghosts and spirits.
3.  When I was young-People called me a tree(
4.  I have had 2 kids and have no stretch marks.  Both of my labors were less than 6 hours.  I bet all those people that called me a tree do!
5.  I love all my food spicy-I especially love Thai food!  My favorite hot sauce is Texas Pete.
6.  If I could only eat one food everyday of my life for the rest of my days-it would be A Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Sandwich.  With 3 splashes of Texas Pete on it.
7.  I really-really-really-don’t like cleaning bathrooms.
8.  I love my two boys very much- but really want them to one day have a little sister.
9.  Fall is my favorite time of year….It’s very festive.  In my family we have 3 birthdays as well as the regular holidays.  It’s one social fling after another!  I also love when the leaves turn color and start to fall and the crisp Autumn Breeze.
10.  At this moment-I can’t wait until Christmas!  I love the holidays!

I am tagging Dawn at the Dawn’s Journal.