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Monday, October 23, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peyton Jammin

Does it work yet anyone???

I wanted to try this You Tube thing out so if anyone can't view this- leave it in the comments LOL.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Two Brothers

I haven't been writing on my blog lately, but I HAVE been writing. I thought I would share a little something I wrote this weekend. It's a quick comparison of my two boys:)

“It’s going to be a boy,” the young man doing my sonogram said. When I heard this, I was prepared for a little boy to be born that would follow in the footsteps of my first son, Tyler. I expected him to look similar, but yet different. I expected him to do the things that Tyler did that drove me crazy, but maybe just a little crazier. I had a ton of dreams of what Peyton, my second son, would be like. Now I have learned if I have more kids, not to ever expect that.
Both were born 2 weeks early. Tyler was just ready to come out and see the world. Peyton was forced out by me wanting to get induced early. From the moment Tyler was born, he was a wiggly worm, that couldn’t stop moving and never wanted to sleep. Peyton on the other hand, came out of me sleeping. It took Tyler six months to sleep through the night. I called the hospital the day after I brought Peyton home because he slept for nine hours straight. Tyler would cry about everything and sometimes I would have to ride him around in my car at night just to get him to sleep. I had to call Peyton’s doctor several times the first month because Peyton slept twenty three and a half hours a day and never cried.
When Peyton was born, he looked exactly like his older brother did. As Peyton started to grow, he still kept that perfect nose and chubby cheeks. Now that he is almost two, he still has the same features as Tyler and you can tell they are related if you knew Tyler growing up. If you didn’t know both growing up, then you could easily say they aren’t brothers because of their coloring. When Peyton went to his two month check-up, I decided to bring up a question that had been haunting me for a couple of weeks.
“Is there anything wrong with his eyes? They haven’t started changing to turn brown yet and I want to make sure they are okay.” She looked into his tiny bead like eyes with a flashlight and responded to my question.
“Well, they haven’t starting changing because his eyes are going to be blue, so they are going to stay this way.”
Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Tyler looks just like his father and me, with dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a dark complexion. He is often mistaken for a Hispanic child and his teachers expect him to speak Spanish. Peyton has blue eyes, golden blonde hair, and a pale complexion. People ask me if he is adopted.
Tyler accomplished all his milestones early. He rolled over and started crawling at a younger age than most babies. He started walking when he turned nine months old. Poor Peyton was expected to do all this too. He didn’t even start crawling until he was nine months. Walking came at over a year. He is much slower than Tyler was. Tyler talks a lot too. He started talking at around eight months old. He could say sentences such as “My Daddy is at work,” in sign language by the time he was twelve months old. He is almost six and still talks all the time. Peyton is twenty two months old, and just learned how to say,” Bye.” He still does not say “mama.” He doesn’t want to talk or even attempt to do sign language. People tell me it’s because his brother does all the talking for him.
. In school, while the other kids are sitting “Indian Style,” Tyler is always standing on his head and won’t ever sit still. He won’t pay attention and will not watch a movie more than two minutes. Peyton will get his pillow and blanket, lie down, and not move until the movie is over. He can hold his attention on one toy for hours at a time. When Peyton and his brother get together, Peyton and Tyler both act crazy, scream, and run. When they are apart, you can really see the difference between how they act.
Tyler went to daycare the first two years of his life. Peyton has been with me since birth. Maybe this is why Tyler is not scared of strangers and will disappear at a store in a heartbeat. He will talk to anyone and wander off at any time. I often get scared he would be easy to kidnap. Peyton screams at the sight of someone he doesn’t know. He will cling to my leg and cry until the person goes away. He does not like me to be out of his sight and doesn’t even like his own grandmother. Tyler was only like that when it came to seeing a doctor.
Both of these children are mine and I love them. They both have different personalities and look very different, but at the same time they have hearts of gold. They both are children growing up happy in a very disturbing world. Right now they love to just be kids and play pretend. They love to get dirty and chase the cats around the house. Tyler wants to be an artist when he grows up and Peyton loves to draw and color all the time too. They love to wrestle with their dad and go for walks. Most of all they love playing with each other. Tyler and Peyton are best friends and will probably stay that way for a long time.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Spinach, Beef, Lettuce...... What is next????

We try to keep our kids safe. We watch them as they take a bath and we make sure to teach them not to run into the street. I am a very paranoid mother and find myself worrying about keeping my kids safe. But how do you keep them safe from this....this.....and most importantly to me right now this??

Yes, that last one gets to me. They didn't say Texas, but I looked on the package of Green Leaf Lettuce I bought 3 days ago and sure enough it said it was grown in the Salinas Valley in California. Even though Texas isn't up there- I probably will not be feeding that to my family. It says they found E.Coli in the irrigation system? Great! That makes me want to eat produce out of California- Really.

I love salad. I really do. It is my favorite food and I love it, love it, love it. After the spinach scare- I wouldn't even walk into the produce section. I would go out to eat and stare at salad but just couldn't come to terms and eat it. Spinach or not- until they figured out EXACTLY what the deal was, I wasn't gonna eat it. Now 3 days ago-FINALLY I decide to go buy some produce to start eating salad gain, and BAM! There goes my appetite.

I do not want my kids eating salad now. I think I might start packing their lunch. I just never knew I would be scared to eat a salad! Sigh...Guess I will go throw away all the produce I have bought. Next thing I know it will be tomatoes!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shoe Gnome

I think we have a Shoe Gnome. Yes- A SHOE GNOME!

One of Peyton's shoes is gone. I am venting here because I am about to give up. We searched for 2 1/2 hours last night and now 2 hours today.

I have searched high and low. I have searched through every cabinet, beind and under every piece of furniture, and in every trash can. I have searched in every toybox and every drawer. I have searched in our cat litter box, and every other inch of this place!

Then, I searched all those places again....and again....and again.

Yesterday I only went to one place- Party City- which I called twice already, although I KNOW I didn't lose it there. It was here before his nap yesterday, and then it disappeared in 3 hours!

I don't think it just walked away. I think the "Shoe Gnome" took it!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whew! What a Week!!

I don't want to go too much into my car issue and what was wrong with it. If you click here-you will pretty much get the idea. Thanks to a friend I know that works for Honda, I got it fixed under a Goodwill Warranty and although my car was gone for two days, I didn't have to pay a thing. So as of yesterday afternoon I have felt SOOOOO much better!

I wanted to share some pictures of this past weekend. It was great. I had my first meeting with my new playgroup here. It was an excellent and fun day and the kids did SOOO much but I can't post pictures of everything.

Here we have Tyler who got to be on a kid's radio show( or something.) Supposedly it is somewhere online so when I find the link I will be sure to post it. He was the only one that was too young to read so he played the duck and noisemaker. It was so hilarious!

Not long after this, but a million cool activities in between, he got this done. It looks weird and I know kinda ugly, but it was ART and my son wants to be an ARTIST! It's definitely not your average face painting, but he loved it!

On Sunday which was my B-day, wahoo! 25! Anyway, my husband didn't make me breakfast in bed. He went and got us some donuts and pigs in a blanket. Peyton got to eat his first big donut. It had chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy and Messy!

Tonight starts a 4 day weekend for me. Tyler is out of school tomorrow and Monday for reasons I still don't understand, but definitely not going to question. It has been a long week so far!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Honda Cr-V's SUCK!!!!!

I am so mad today, I don't know what to do with myself. My stupid car- a Honda CRV- has now totally given me one more reason to smash it in with a baseball bat. I am too mad to go on about this and I PROMISE tommorow or maybe even later when the kids go to bed, I will fill the world in on the reasons NOT to buy one of these damn things.

On top of everything, yesterday was my birthday and we went out and spent a bunch of money on dinner and new clothes for me-and also for Birthday stuff for my kids whose birthdays are coming up soon- but now I should just go bring everything back so I can try to cover this possible $3000 bill that HONDA is going to give me.

Ok, I am going to go cry now.