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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whew! What a Week!!

I don't want to go too much into my car issue and what was wrong with it. If you click here-you will pretty much get the idea. Thanks to a friend I know that works for Honda, I got it fixed under a Goodwill Warranty and although my car was gone for two days, I didn't have to pay a thing. So as of yesterday afternoon I have felt SOOOOO much better!

I wanted to share some pictures of this past weekend. It was great. I had my first meeting with my new playgroup here. It was an excellent and fun day and the kids did SOOO much but I can't post pictures of everything.

Here we have Tyler who got to be on a kid's radio show( or something.) Supposedly it is somewhere online so when I find the link I will be sure to post it. He was the only one that was too young to read so he played the duck and noisemaker. It was so hilarious!

Not long after this, but a million cool activities in between, he got this done. It looks weird and I know kinda ugly, but it was ART and my son wants to be an ARTIST! It's definitely not your average face painting, but he loved it!

On Sunday which was my B-day, wahoo! 25! Anyway, my husband didn't make me breakfast in bed. He went and got us some donuts and pigs in a blanket. Peyton got to eat his first big donut. It had chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy and Messy!

Tonight starts a 4 day weekend for me. Tyler is out of school tomorrow and Monday for reasons I still don't understand, but definitely not going to question. It has been a long week so far!


Enjoy what sounds like a well-deserved break!
Hope you had a great birthday!

The photos are great - I love Tyler's face painting, it's so cool! Peyton looks like he's just loving that donut too :)

And YAY for the car being fixed for nothing. That would have been a huge relief!
Fantastic.....glad to hear your car is fix'd. Your boys are adorable.
cute kids. I raised 3 sons who are all grown now.Sounds like your play day went well.
Wow ... awesome that the car was fixed with no cost!!! That must have been the best Birthday present!

The boys are too cute for words!
I'm glad your car got fixed and it took away some of your stress. :)

I love all the pictures.

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