Mommy Needs To Vent

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wahooo! I have a job!

I started my job yesterday. WAHOOOO! I haven't worked in years it seems like. Everyone is so cool and welcoming though my kids were little terrors. I go in today later on. Yesterday they had me researching on the internet all the phone numbers to the maintanance departments of all the school districts within 100 mile radius of DFW. Can you believe that? Researching stuff on the internet and taking care of my kids. Just like at home!
There is a downfall. I have to bring Tyler to school and back up there so I pretty much do alot of traveling. Today I am going in late so I just have to take Tyler to school and then his grandma is going to pick him up. I will only have to make 1 trip. I just hope the little one is ok without his brother:(
I hope I learn alot since my husband will be running this business in a different city. I have had some friends put it down already saying how unproffesional it is to bring my kids to work. WEll who cares- it's a faith based business and if I have to find a sitter for my kids, I just as well stay home. I read someone's blog and commented not long ago. Yes- everyone needs a break but my kids will only be young for so long. I want to be there. I am not going to be one of those moms that has a job, gets a day off, and still brings her kid to daycare.
This place is just very family oriented and is called a "faith based" company. They believe that children at a young age should spend alot of times with their parents. They are very successful and in their eyes, they believe that their success has been made by making the company this way. It's the only company of it's kind in the country right now and all eyes are on it. So I don't care what people think about me bringing my children to work. I guess I am venting a little bit...LOL

Friday, January 27, 2006

Can we say FAMILY JOB?

Well I thought the end of last week was stressful. All the arguing hubby and I did and the whole moving situation, and now it’s Friday AGAIN, and after a fly by week, my head hurts just as much now. I have the worst headache and have sent both of my kids to bed and it’s only 6:30 pm. I am sure they will be up again but I can not handle the noise right now. My brain just needs a break.
So I went to pick up my husband’s paycheck today, because the office lady didn’t have it done in time and he was out of the office all day. The owner decided to talk to me and offered me a job. I reluctantly took it and now I am definitely having second thoughts. It’s only part time and I don’t even like to work. Only problem is- my biggest excuse for not working is taking care of my kids. Tyler is in Prek and only goes a half a day and Peyton just gets dragged back and forth. I am a taxi, housekeeper, entertainer, cook, you name it. I often feel drained and stressed as it is, so why would I say yes to a job.
Oh yeah….sorry it’s the headache. I was getting to the point here. They are going to let me bring Tyler to and from school everyday and bring my kids to work with me. Sounds pretty tempting right? I mean don’t they know that I will be feeding and comforting more than working? Well I guess I will try it out. It will be odd working at my husband’s job but I better learn the business since he will be running it soon in another city. Did I mention my brother in law is now working there too????

Would you like a job like that? Being able to bring your kids and work with your husband? Don’t get me wrong- I probably won’t see him all day. He always works outside of the office….but still.

By the way.... How could I even get a job when I can barely get thru 8 th grade math. You try the test!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct!
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Inconsiderate Drivers

My family and I are driving home from Target on a slightly rainy day. The first in a couple of months. There are 3 lanes across and everything is going fine until some lady pulls out right in front of me. She can't pull in one of the other two lanes....she has to pull right in front of my car, causing me to slam on breaks on a slick road with my 2 kids in the car. So I change lanes and pass her and she decides to get behind me. Now why the H@!! didn't she just go to that lane to begin with?
So we come to a stoplight and somehow she gets ahead of me and decides to get in front of me again. Which is fine. BUT LADY! Do you really have to slam on breaks every 3 seconds? Seriously here she is driving along hitting her breaks and nobody is even in front of her. Next thing I know she is riding in two lanes at the same time. WHATEVER! Now I am afraid to pass her because Lord knows what she is doing. Still slamming on breaks all over the road.
So I get to another stoplight and she is in the other lane next to me. I try- I TRY not to look at her because I might roll my window down and flick her off, but am trying to control my outrageous temper because my children are in the car.
What she does next explains it all! She opens her window and crumbles up a McDonalds bag and just tosses it out the window right on the road. I guess she was stuffing her face while she was driving, but why does she have to throw it out right on the street?
This happened 3 days ago and I remember every moment of it. Really, what is the world coming to? Not only was she an inconsiderate driver- but she just thinks she can throw her sh!% wherever she wants? I think of all the big incidents that happen, but how can something that only lasted 3 minutes and not hurt anyone aggravate me so much?

If this happened to you- how would you feel?

Monday, January 23, 2006

A Bad Week but Looking Better!

I haven’t written in awhile because lets face it, I haven’t been in the mood.  I had a pretty crappy week last week and I am still not sure if I am over it.  After everything it has come down to the fact that we may move soon.  We had planned on moving to SC sometime at the end of this year.  We still are but because of my husbands job we may be moving to Austin during that time.  I am NOT excited at all and I don’t want to go.  If I am going to live there I just as well stay here.  I seriously am pretty aggravated with his job.  He works long hours and they want to send him out of town for weeks at a time.  Now they want us to move all the time.  I guess I am not being a very supportive wife.
This weekend my long lost sister decided to call my mom and she wants me to send my older son to Florida for her birthday.  I haven’t talked to my sister in a couple of years.  She didn’t go to my wedding and has always called my kids “Bastard” children- and now she wants to see one of them?  It’s definitely not going to happen.  I don’t even know her anymore and I think she owes me some sort of apology for the way she has treated me and my family. I am totally lost on this one.
What makes it worse is Aunt Flow came last night (sorry I am still a Southpark fan).  I DID get a break this weekend for 2 nights.  My MIL usually only watches my older son and she watched the baby for 2 nights.  Things are looking up.  My mom is finally coming to visit from NC in a couple of weeks.  She hasn’t seen me since I was pregnant with Peyton and hasn’t seen him yet and he is over a year old now.  Hopefully I will get back in the mood to be on the computer soon. This week I am going to start cleaning again.  I don’t think I lifted a finger last week.

Until then- Have a Great Week!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Here is an example of my unorganized life! Ok. WEll this looks like a scene from I SPY. My kitchen is totally organized and clean at all times. So are both the kids rooms. I don't know why my computer desk looks like pure chaos. Whenever I go to clean it- I get distracted chatting with people online or anything online for that matter! I have anything from Skip-Bo cards to a fork. My goal is to clean up this desk today! Oh and this picture doesn't show the crap on TOP of the desk LOL!

I Spy A Flipped Over Speaker!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cheers To A New Year!

In case anyone notices-Yes I did write this like a week ago. I decided to edit it a little and post it again. Please don't ask!

Happy New Year to All! This year is going to be a great year-which doesn’t say much compared to everything our country went thru last year. By the way…has anyone heard there was a Tropical Storm in the Atlantic? New Year’s bring on new possibilities. Do not limit yourself on what can be done without a doubt. If you think it can’t be done- think “Is it possible?” Possibilities are endless.

Well we had an exceptional Christmas and New Year. Yes it could have been better but it was one of the best holidays with my family yet. When I say my family- I mean my husband and kids. We didn’t see my mom- who lives all the way in NC. It’s hard to get the four of us there…and she doesn’t understand that she can take off work??? Peyton turned a year on the 15th of December and she still hasn’t seen him. I sure got to spend a lot of time with the in-laws though.

This year I started this blog and a website and haven’t dedicated all the time I should to it. It is a New Year now and after writing my New Year’s resolutions- building my site up is one of my first priorities. I am also planning on starting a new site- which is definitely going to be more me! I am sure a lot of other moms will relate to it as well. Some other resolutions that I wrote down….

Get Organized! Yes- I am a packrat. I keep everything and anything that I think can somehow be used at least once in the next 5 years! I have to stop! I sell things on Ebay and that gets rid of some. I actually have bags full of items to go to Goodwill! By the time January is over, I hope to have every cabinet in this rat hole cleaned out.

Stop Smoking- Yes I have been saying this forever. This time I am doing it whether I want to or not. I don’t need them. What was I thinking as a teenager? No, it wasn’t that I wanted to be cool…even though everybody else did it. It was more like I just wanted to be a bad ass? I wanted to do something bad that I couldn’t go to jail for. Maybe because I was so sheltered my whole life…..

Control my Temper- This has been a resolution for 3 years now and I think it’s finally almost gone. It’s not that I go crazy- I just have little patience with just about anybody I deal with and I am not afraid to express it. I also have anxiety problems where I am constantly worried about everything that goes on in my life. I have learned to just let things go. So you cares that my oldest son climbed over the baby gate with a whole cup of milk yesterday- as if he didn’t already know he was going to spill the whole dang thing all over the floor?

Last but not least…I need to finish my writing classes. I was supposed to write a fiction piece for my last exam. I have yet to do that. Thank God it is learn at my own pace. I will have it written within the week and have it sent out within 2. I have to send it out because I have to write it all in special format as if I was sending it to a real editor or publisher.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Question

Would you rather deal with someone who is snotty and thinks they are better than everyone, OR someone who thinks they KNOW EVERYTHING- and everything you say or do is wrong?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Silly Photo

I believe this is a silly photo of my youngest son Peyton. Who by the way is over a year now! Yea!! He was drinking his bottly and fell asleep. Look at his big old belly! I would definately say he was full. This is probably the only time he has ever fallen asleep with a bottle. I thought it was so funny with the milk running down his face:)

I'm posting this thanks to a great blog that everyone should check out-
A Mama's Rant. Right now they are having a Post a Silly picture and win a cool book contest!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tagged Again!

I have been tagged by Petite Mommy. I didn’t know what to write at first but here goes….

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was still in high school. Hanging out with friends and enjoying my life as a band member! LOL

What were you doing 1 yr ago?1 Year Ago I was still excited about having the newest addition to our family. He was only about 2 weeks old.

Five snacks you enjoy.
1. Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips
2. String Cheese
3. Ramen Noodles
4. Chips and Salsa or Queso
5. Coffee LOL

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
1. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson
2. Any song by Mariah Carey
3. Any Song By Kenny Chesney
4. Any Song By Rascall Flatts
5. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Pay off all those Debts….and that is a lot!
2. Own a home in every land setting…especially the Beach!
3. Buy A Joe Gibbs Edition Cheverolet
4. Take a long vacation
5. Save the money for my kids…and their kids…and maybe even their kids.

Five bad habits.
1. Smoking
2. Temper
3. Drinking Way too much coffee!
4. Being lazy
5. Not exercising AT ALL!

Five things you like doing.
1. Being with my family
2. Watching all my favorite shows.
3. Riding Horses
4. Shopping!
5. Playing Games!

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again.
1. A VCR
2. A Pager
3. Jelly shoes for sure. Keeping your Amanda!
4. Bangs
5. Heels ( I have gotten way too tall throughout the years!)

Five favorite toys.
1. Computer.
2. Digital Camera
3. My Coffee Maker!
4. Photo Printer
5. All Games