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Friday, January 27, 2006

Can we say FAMILY JOB?

Well I thought the end of last week was stressful. All the arguing hubby and I did and the whole moving situation, and now it’s Friday AGAIN, and after a fly by week, my head hurts just as much now. I have the worst headache and have sent both of my kids to bed and it’s only 6:30 pm. I am sure they will be up again but I can not handle the noise right now. My brain just needs a break.
So I went to pick up my husband’s paycheck today, because the office lady didn’t have it done in time and he was out of the office all day. The owner decided to talk to me and offered me a job. I reluctantly took it and now I am definitely having second thoughts. It’s only part time and I don’t even like to work. Only problem is- my biggest excuse for not working is taking care of my kids. Tyler is in Prek and only goes a half a day and Peyton just gets dragged back and forth. I am a taxi, housekeeper, entertainer, cook, you name it. I often feel drained and stressed as it is, so why would I say yes to a job.
Oh yeah….sorry it’s the headache. I was getting to the point here. They are going to let me bring Tyler to and from school everyday and bring my kids to work with me. Sounds pretty tempting right? I mean don’t they know that I will be feeding and comforting more than working? Well I guess I will try it out. It will be odd working at my husband’s job but I better learn the business since he will be running it soon in another city. Did I mention my brother in law is now working there too????

Would you like a job like that? Being able to bring your kids and work with your husband? Don’t get me wrong- I probably won’t see him all day. He always works outside of the office….but still.

By the way.... How could I even get a job when I can barely get thru 8 th grade math. You try the test!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 7/10 correct!
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?


Sounds good to me!! It's worth a try. Here via michele!!
yes... i need a job right now... badly... lost job in august and it's starting to get hard not having a job...not having the money... we only have 1 car now too so i would need to have a job when hubby is home... and having one that i could take the kids to would be heaven!!!! that way i dont have to work for pennies and spend it all on child care!!!!
where do you work?

im here from michele by the way
Since mine works in the OR I'd reallllly be in the way, but otherwise, I think I'd like it. I used to take my kid with me everyday when I was working, and it was terrific.

Here via Michele's today :)
Wow, it sounds great! I hope it goes well for ya.
I've been out of the work force for so long, I probably am not the best person to ask! Now that my kids are grown though I would like to do something....what, I haven't a clue! LOL But those working conditions sound pretty good.

Hope your headache gets better & Good luck!!

Michele sent me!
What is it you will actually be doing? Maybe, if it is challnging, it might be great! On the other hand....

I hope it all works out for you as best it can!

Here from Michele today...
Gee..I hope your headache gets better very very NOW!
I am going to be the Assistant Office Manager or Office Manager Assistant? I am not sure...LOL
I've had a job where I could take the kids along, if they were sick or it was the school holidays. It was ok although I must admit I did have the 'guilt' feeling that I wasn't giving them 100% - mind you I'm sure I did. I guess you can give it a go and see how it all works out.
I hated 8th grade math the first time around. I'd rather shot my big toe off.
~michele sent me
Math ugh you said math !!!

Just wanted to give you the heads up I put up pics from yesterday AND the auditions you missed out on last time are coming up !
Hi Tasha~

Hope the job goes well for you. It sounds like a nice offer especially since you can take the kids with you there. I'm sure it's worth a try and hey if it's doesn't work out at least you tried.

As far as math goes...I totally suck in math. Not one of my strong points. My son who is in 7th grade laughs at me since he knows more that me in that department. He picks up on that well.

Have a great start to your week. Hope the headaches are better!! Hugs!
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If I needed the money - you bet.

If I didn't need the money - I'd rather stick an ice pick through my eye.
There is absolutely no way I could pass an 8th grade math test right now. I haven't slept in days and my vision is blurry! Seriously, Wendy told me to come over here today. Nice to meet 'ya!
Wow, for shame, I did way better in 8th grade math in the 8th grade than I did today that's for sure!

Wendy sent me!
here from Wendy's. Hope your headache is gone by now!!
8th grade math? I don't think so. I homeschooled my oldest son in sixth grade last year. I had to stay up nights studying his math just so I could get through his lessons. He always caught on much quicker than I did.

Congrats on the job, thats great that you can take your kids with you to work.

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