Mommy Needs To Vent

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mom Singing Contest

I didn't have anything really to post lately. Here is me singing for my friend Amanda's Mom Singing Contest. Be nice! This was for fun and there is even a prize for the worst singer! It's public on YouTube so everyone will see it anyway! I can't believe I have a video of me singing on the internet!!!! I wanted to just do a karaoke but I don't have a microphone on my computer:(

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break Slide Show

I made this slide show on some of the memories of Spring Break. I don't have much to talk about. My mouth is killing me....I have a bad toothache and I think something is wrong....root canal? Other than that I am looking forward to watching American Idol tonight and tomorrow watching America vote off a great singer. More importantly, my obsession with Lost has grown for the moment and can't wait for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dinos and Wildlife and Spring Break OH MY!

Not just getting ANY break but SPRING BREAK! YES! It has been wonderful. Tyler had a soccer game this past Saturday but no games or practice this week. No homework to do for my kids or myself. No English poems to interpret. No having to go to bed early to ensure I get a good nights sleep because , yes, I have slept until nine everyday. My little one has been occupied by his brother. I feel like I have got some cleaning done.

BUT, that will all change by tomorrow night. We are going on a mini vacation HERE. Plans had been changed just today because of the weather down here. So I am prepared for a very busy weekend with alot of temper tantrums and alot of attitude from my kids. We were really supposed to go camping and horseback riding in South Texas, but it is supposed to rain all weekend there. Then we were supposed to go to a Wilderness Theme Park in Oklahoma but a cold front is coming through tomorrow night. So now we are heading to Fossil Rim for a day and then going camping HERE.

I can't wait for the fun to start. The break is almost over. This is getting me excited about SUMMER!

Is anyone else celebrating Spring Break???? If not now then when and what do you plan to do?

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Just Had To Share This

This was really cool. I found this courtesy of Kristen at Mommy Does It All. I just LOVED the results!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Having a Breakdown!

I am seriously going crazy at home. I am getting over a breakdown at the moment and need a moment to vent. If you don't want to here me whining....DON'T READ.

Right now I am typing with tears in my eyes. My two year old is making me lose it. I read today about autistic children and I hope he is not. He has the..worst..tantrums. Yes I know all kids have tantrums. I have posted about it before. One of these days someone is going to call the cops on me thinking I am doing something wrong to him. It makes me cry after he has been screaming bloody murder for 30 minutes strait. I am so sick of sitting here with the kids everyday praying for bedtime. Don't get me wrong, I Love, Love, Love my boys, but I am not sure I have the patience for this. Tyler growing up was very hyper and hard at times, but never like this. My younger one walks around like he owns this house and it's his way or no way. I am going to be honest. We used to spank Tyler and he new his limits. We decided to go a different route with the younger one and we don't spank him at all. He is now spoiled rotten and won't listen to anything. This morning he hit me and when he is mad he kicks me. I am not sure where these tantrums are coming from but they seem abnormal. Maybe it is just me but it upsets me so bad when he freaks out over NOTHING. Maybe because he is old enough to understand and knows what he wants is a problem. He is over two now and still doesn't talk. I can see his frustration, but what am I really supposed to do? I give into him all the time because the screaming really gets to me. I am also very consistant during tantrums and I ignore him like they say to do. He will stop but 5 minutes later he has another one. He has had two breakdowns since I started typing this. NO! I am not wrong to go soothe him at this exact moment while he is screaming and kicking the wall and THIS is why. If I go to him and try to give him a hug and calm him down...he will slap me across my face and push me away. Then he runs away and trhows himself down, and screams more. SO tha tis why I don't go try to calm him down. He won't let me. He hates me I think. Hopefully this will pass because I miss my sweet baby!

Here is an example of a cute and funny tantrum!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Go Tyler!

So another sport season has come and gone. Finally basketball is over. He had his last game two weekends ago and his first soccer game was this past Saturday. It never ends around here anymore. I am trying to decide whether to put him in baseball. I don't think he will stand still long enough. Here is a clip from his last game. I KNOW it's not a very good video, but I just never know when to start recording or when he will get the ball:( YES...he is number 32!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol

Well I finally got on here. My computer had a worm but I got it all fixed up now! I really don't want to recap what has been going on in the past week. I have been a little sick. My kids have too. We had a dust storm come through here last weekend and I had never been in one. My kids and I were out there just playing in it like it was nothing! Tyler kept asking why the sun was blue, and his smart mama was like, "I have no clue."

Tonight the results are in on who is going home this week on American Idol. Did anyone actually vote? I sure don't. I vote toward the end after I get a good feel on who my favorite is. I really like a couple of the guys and have a feeling sthat one will win this year. The Be Bop guy is one of my favs along with Chris Richardson.

As far as the girls are concerned, I am getting a little tired of hearing about Antonella Barba and her "trashy" pics. Come on PEOPLE! She is young and attractive. I am sure alot of good looking girls her age have pictures of themselves. I mean, it's not as if the pics are of her getting it on with some guy, or making out with a girl. Those pics would serve well in Maxim. Maybe they were her portfolio pics and her little "friend" leaked them out because of jealousy. Who really knows.

I am standing beside her here because I was called by Vibrant Studios not long ago for a photo shoot. They wanted to see how I looked in front of a camera and make portfolios for girls. Some of those pics that they use, look just like the pics of Antonella. Maybe she wanted to be a model before AI. It's no different that actual superstars like Brittney who has a video of herself slitting her writst! I think all the entertainment news and radio stations need to give this girl a break!

What do you think about these pictures???