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Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol

Well I finally got on here. My computer had a worm but I got it all fixed up now! I really don't want to recap what has been going on in the past week. I have been a little sick. My kids have too. We had a dust storm come through here last weekend and I had never been in one. My kids and I were out there just playing in it like it was nothing! Tyler kept asking why the sun was blue, and his smart mama was like, "I have no clue."

Tonight the results are in on who is going home this week on American Idol. Did anyone actually vote? I sure don't. I vote toward the end after I get a good feel on who my favorite is. I really like a couple of the guys and have a feeling sthat one will win this year. The Be Bop guy is one of my favs along with Chris Richardson.

As far as the girls are concerned, I am getting a little tired of hearing about Antonella Barba and her "trashy" pics. Come on PEOPLE! She is young and attractive. I am sure alot of good looking girls her age have pictures of themselves. I mean, it's not as if the pics are of her getting it on with some guy, or making out with a girl. Those pics would serve well in Maxim. Maybe they were her portfolio pics and her little "friend" leaked them out because of jealousy. Who really knows.

I am standing beside her here because I was called by Vibrant Studios not long ago for a photo shoot. They wanted to see how I looked in front of a camera and make portfolios for girls. Some of those pics that they use, look just like the pics of Antonella. Maybe she wanted to be a model before AI. It's no different that actual superstars like Brittney who has a video of herself slitting her writst! I think all the entertainment news and radio stations need to give this girl a break!

What do you think about these pictures???


OK, so Michael and I were in the bed last night watching AI and complaining of how most of the girls sucked. When Antonella came up to sing Michael kept talking about how much she reminded him of you. I just thought that was ironic!
Yeah, people are making a WAY bigger deal out of this than they should. I kind of feel sorry for Antonella.

Dust storm, huh?
dust storms are freaky. I've seen a couple of little ones (too much dust around when there's a drought, unfortunately).

As for the pics, well I'll have to google them. If we ever get American Idol, it's long after it's finished for you. That's if we ever get it, I think one station showed one season at one stage. I have to say I think there, since I rarely even watch our Australian Idol.

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