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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
On days like this-I realize that there is so much to be thankful for. In a year where so much has been lost to so many people, I am happy to be here with my family. I want to wish everyone that was affected by the recent hurricanes well and know I am praying for you today.
In my life-I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I get to share with my children and husband. I realize on days like this to never take advantage of that. Live like there is no tommorow. This holiday spend every moment with your families and cherish every breath you take. Just a year ago I was pregnant and now I have had almost a whole year with the newest addition to my family. Tyler loves having a little brother and he said he was thankful for that-by the way.
Well I have been up since early so I am going to cut it short. We are going to a friends today, making our own Thanksgiving tommorow, and doing the extended family on Saturday. So that means lots of turkey-lots of food-lots of fun- and lots of new memories!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Birthday Madness!

Tyler's Birthday was last week and it was chaos from the start. Gish! I can't believe it has already beed 5 years. Here I am 24 years old and I already see the years flying by. WE almost didn't even have money to pay for his birthday cake thanks to my ever so trusting bank. It all turned out ok, considering I wasn't even there to sing Happy Birthday, see him blow out the candles, or TAKE PICTURES of it. That is a whole other story..... He was so excited to get his new Redskins father like son. Here he is showing it off with his new pair of Nikes-Spider Man colors of course.

Need some ideas for your child's party? Check out this link for advice......

Do you have pictures of your kids blowing out their candles every year?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Pictures From Halloween I am Finally Posting!

This isn't alot of writing. Mostly Pictures from Halloween that I should have posted by now. We had gone to a Halloween Festival and Tyler got his face painted. He got to pick out a pumpkin for him and his baby brother. The rest are of Halloween and at his school party. Tyler was King Mathias. He got his costume from LEGO Land in California. We can't leave out the Little Devil as well.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Brothers or Not?

Everyone has been asking why I haven't posted anything lately and I have been so busy.

For those who know me, you know how I feel about these boys, for those who don't, well I guess you need to get to know me.

These are my two sons, and boy are they different. Not just in personality, but in looks as well. I just knew when I was pregnant, I was going to have another dark complexion, big brown eyed child. Well the baby you see there looks nothing like any of us. My mom is from Thailand and my husband is Indian. Here is an article I wrote a few months ago....

When Tyler was born, it was the happiest day of my life. He was so precious and sweet. The first couple of days were great, but it didn't last for long. I remember getting up every 2 hours to feed him and how I would have to ride him around the block just to get him to stop crying. Within the first year, he had seven ear infections. I wouldn't have given it up for anything. He was rolling at 3 months and started walking when he was barely ten months. Everything about him was perfect to me.

So when I was pregnant with my second one, I knew it was all going to happen again. This baby wouldn't be much different, right? Wrong.

The first night I came home from the hospital, I woke up scared to death because I never heard him cry for a bottle. I had to wake him up to eat. This went on every night for about a month and then I just let him sleep. I never had to train him to sleep thru the night or ride him around the block. He is almost 11 months old now and has only had one ear infection. On top of that, he is not attempting to walk.

All children are different. They all grow different and have milestones at different times. So next time you are worried about whether your baby is ahead for his age, remember that they have their own personalities and develop at their own rate. Every baby is unique and that is what makes them so special.

So what do you say? Does anyone else think they brought the wrong baby home?