Mommy Needs To Vent

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sad News Story and a Little Mom Advice

Even though it looks like the heat wave is coming to an end….I wanted to remind everyone of this post.

I am reminding everyone because I saw this the other day.

I was talking to someone about the simple mistake and how it was made. It wasn’t intentional and no charges should be made. In my opinion- and this is only mine- I think that if I was that stupid enough to do something like that, then I deserve to be charged with something. I know I would be punished enough with just the guilt the rest of my life. I just can’t imagine what this would feel like. I just know that I truly believe I would feel like being punished is what I deserve. I know this happens all the time, especially here where I live and it is very hot. I just can’t help but hate to hear about parents or even daycare workers being that neglectful. It’s really sad. All I can think about is if the baby was crying, or wondering where its parent was.

Parents- if you have a busy life and can see your self accidentally doing this. Why not make it an effort to ALWAYS put the diaper bag in your front seat. It is a habit in this household. If you are heading to work and you bring a purse or ANYTHING. Put it in your passenger seat ALONG with the diaper bag. Maybe- just maybe- when you grab your stuff the diaper bag will always be a reminder- Just in case.

Leaving a helpless child in a Hot Car is no joke:(

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dear Fellow Bloggers

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

This is my blog.  

I can edit my blog any way I feel like.  I can write about anything I feel like.  I can post pictures whenever I feel like it.

Most importantly- I can delete comments anytime I feel like it.

I really appreciate all the kind and supportive words I have had in the past year.  I know I vent and complain a lot, and I love all the honestly in your feelings.  Anyone that leaves a dumb stupid comment that is disrespecting to me and my family can kiss my ass.  So if you ever feel the need- go ahead and leave it elsewhere.

You know who I am talking about ANONYMOUS.  Yes you- the person who’s reading this and your hands are just aching to leave some smart ass comment on my blog.  Well go ahead.  If it makes you sleep better at night- then PLEASE be my guest.

My only complaint to you Anonymous is…Why don’t you just let me see who you are?  I would love to look at your blog and see who is leaving me the comment.  I mean why do you feel the need to hide?  Is there something so embarrassing and degrading that you just can’t get the nerve to reveal yourself?

*Update on my Problem Child*

Thanks you EVERYONE who had something to say on this.  I really needed all the advice I could get to look at different perspectives.  I scheduled him for an appointment to see if he even has ADHD or if this is just something else- perhaps boredom.  He unfortunately will not be seen for about a month.

I have given him coffee and diet Mountain Dew the last 2 school days he has had.  I didn’t tell his teacher until this afternoon.  This was AFTER she told me how well he did today.  Guess what my blogging friends??  He got a smiley face stamp in his folder.  It was much nicer than big red markings that said TALKING and DISRUPTING CLASSTIME.  So it may have been the caffeine- who knows???

Today is my first day back in college- for those of you who read my College Mom post.  Ok.  Ok.  So it’s only one class.  I am on financial Aid suspension so….I have to work my way back up.

Again thanks for all the input for everything.  I understand people have different views but there is a way to put those views in my comments respectively. (HINT, HINT ANONYMOUS!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Patience-I'M LOSING IT! Could it be ADHD or ADD?

My son who started Kindergarten last week is getting into SO MUCH trouble in school. I think I am going to talk to his teacher today to see if it’s just him or if all the other kids are getting into trouble as well. Last year when he was in Preschool- he got in trouble maybe 5 times the entire year. This year, out of the 8 days he has been there, he has only had 2 days that he got a stamp in his folder.
The other day I felt awkward picking him up. His teacher was acting like I don’t discipline my child. In fact- we are VERY strict on our kids. Tyler CAN BE a little hard headed though. He is good in many aspects. He eats ALL his food. He never argues about anything he eats. I grew up if a family where I ate what was put in front of me. Sure- if he wants something for lunch I will make it for him. When dinner time comes around, he eats what I make. No exceptions. He hates eating beans. No matter how much he hates it he will eat the tiny little serving I still give him. If he doesn’t want to eat- he can go to bed.
Tyler never says bad words. He won’t ever tell me no or someone to shut up. He EVER tells me “NO”- he knows what is coming.
What I am saying is for the most part- Tyler is a really good kid and I have seen some bad kids. He is just very obnoxious and doesn’t pay attention. I had a talk with him about his behavior in school the other day. He was only 5 inches away from my face and looking into my eyes. I was talking to him very sternly. It was only about 3 sentences telling him that when I dropped him off he needed to sit at the table and not talk and not play. He wasn’t to do ANYTHING until his teacher gets him. I asked him “What did I just say?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”
I don’t get it. He obviously was in la la land while I was talking to him. So then I started raising my voice. I am starting to lose my patience with him big time. I know he doesn’t have a memory problem. He is very smart for his age and if it wasn’t for his behavior- I think he is ahead of most of the children in his class. I don’t know that for a fact but last year his teacher had said that he was really smart. He can read some books on his own. He knows a lot of math already. So it is NOT his memory.

He also talks non stop all the time. People keep telling me that is normal. I know kids at this age talk and have a lot of questions and things on their mind- but like I said- I am getting to the point that I don’t want him talking. Last year his teacher already warned me that I was going to have problems with him in school the rest of his school years because of his talking. He has a lot of stuff to say I guess. Well she was right, because most of the trouble he has been in is for talking when he isn’t supposed to be. He interrupts his teacher while she is reading stories to the class. He plays with his friends and runs down the hallway. He doesn’t eat lunch because he is too busy talking.

My question here is- what am I doing wrong??? His teacher looked at me the other day and said I need to start putting him in time out. I DO PUT HIM IN TIME OUT! Then she suggested I started taking things from him. I ALREADY DO TAKE PRIVLIDGES AWAY FROM HIM! She probably wanted to say I needed to start busting his tail! I DO THAT TOO! Nothing works! I don’t understand this discipline thing at all I guess. I already told him he can’t go to his grandmas this weekend as of Tuesday. Yesterday he got into more trouble than ever. I made him lay in bed from the time he got home yesterday with no toys or anything. I let him get up for dinner. Then I made him go to bed early. I guess we will see if it did anything. I am sure it didn’t.

Could this be some other problem? Or am I just doing this all wrong? I feel like something is wrong. Is it possible he could have ADD or ADHD? This runs in both mine and my husband’s family. I am not sure if it’s hereditary. I am just losing my patience and don’t want him getting into so much trouble in school.

Monday, August 21, 2006

College Mom

     Well, it’s finally going to happen.  I am going to start school again.  It may be slow at first-but I will be a College Mom.  Is that what they are called?  Someone once told me that MOST people wait to have children after they go to college.  Another words- I am just a loser. I do not believe that MOST moms do.  I think everyone is different and there are a lot of different people doing different things.  Many moms decide to have children young because they want to be young and energetic raising them.  Many people choose to wait because they don’t feel responsible or mature enough.  All I am saying is that no matter what you decide to do about an education as a mom- does that really change the kind of mom you are?  Does that make society look down on you?  If you had a child like me at 19, does that mean I will never have a chance to prove myself?  Is there anyone like me out there????
     Besides, at least I have gotten some college out of the way.  While raising my kids the past couple of years, I have changed what I wanted to do with my life.  That may be why I have decided to try and make this move now.  I know what I want for the first time ever.  I know what I want to go to college for and I am ready to take it on.
     What do you think?  Were you a college mom?  Was it hard?  Are you in school now?  What do you think about this statement…”Most parents go to college before they have children.”

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kids Say The Darnest things!

     My son’s first day of Kindergarten was Monday! It hasn’t been easy but this morning something did happen that brightened my day (just a little.)   All the children in Kindergarten meet in the cafeteria and sit at a couple of large tables until about 8:05.  This is supposedly to calm some of the kids down.  Anyhow this morning as my son was sitting there waiting, one of the Volunteers was talking to a group of children including my son.  My son of course was shy and was holding on to me.  The conversation went something like this…..

The young lady asked, “How did everyone get to school today?”

The children responded in order with

Then one child said


All the children’s eyes got really big, including Tyler’s. I was a little puzzled by the children’s reaction.   He turned to me and said, “Wow mommy!  He speaks Spanish!”

It is really hard to explain unless you were there.  All the children were just so impressed with this child because they thought he was speaking Spanish!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Being Slack, Relationships, and Being Clingy

Ok.  So I’m now out of excuses for not blogging.  Instead of saying I AM going to- let’s just say that when Tyler starts school on Monday I hope to have a better schedule of my day.  I actually want to get on a daily or weekly blogging schedule and I want to catch back on what I have been missing.
Well a lot of things have been going on.  I celebrated my 2 year anniversary last Tuesday- LOL August 1st .  (Just realized how long it’s really been since I blogged.)
Anyway, I have been having some Relationship problems lately and thank goodness for SOME-not all of my friends.  Some don’t get me at all and think that I should just let my husband do whatever.  Well, I guess I can do that and be completely miserable-OR I can tell him how I feel and he better give it up.  Some don’t even have kids so they have NO CLUE how I really feel.   I can’t blog much about it so I will stop here just in case this blog falls in the wrong hands.  I am also not very open about it.
I talked to a girl today who I just LOVE to talk to because she really understands how I feel about my relationship and men.  We have soooo much in common and I love how both of us are confident and comfortable talking to each other.  I know she could never judge me and I wouldn’t her because we have a lot of the same viewpoints.  Maybe it’s my age.  Maybe it’s out age.  Maybe it’s the fact that my relationship had so many problems in the beginning.  Of course maybe I haven’t told anyone here this.  I got pregnant when I was 18, I was in my first year of college.  I wasn’t sure-or I should say NEITHER of us were sure about having a baby or even staying together.  It wasn’t a forever thing.  Well maybe that was a mistake because he got awfully comfortable with the fact that we were together and lived together that he just didn’t see the need to propose.  He said he was going to, so every holiday I waited and nothing ever came out of it.  In all this time we had A LOT of problems.  Don’t get your hopes up- I am not telling any.  Plus my husband is a Nympho or something and thinks the world revolves around sex.  In the end I love him and I am glad that we went thru some of those things because if we could get thru all that then maybe we can get thru anything.  I don’t think anything any worse than what HAS happened with us could.  We still argue a lot but he respects my wishes and I would never start all over looking for someone else.
Point is and this isn’t JUST because of my husband.  I have trust issues.  I don’t let him do anything.  I don’t know if I could find another guy like that for me.  Because of my family growing up…lol, and even now, and because of my experiences with guys- I think men are pigs.  Some of these men may not be pigs, but they would be for me.  I can’t have a guy who hangs out or needs a guy’s night out.  I can’t have a guy that thinks that there are more important things than being with his family.  I can’t have a guy that has a job where he needs to travel a lot.  I can’t have a guy that has a handful of friends that are women.  I can’t have one that lies about everything.  If my man decides to do any of these things I WILL FLIP!  Seriously I will flip the (blank) out.
HHmmm.  Ok.  Maybe I am just Clingy, jealous, and totally insecure.  So maybe this is all my fault.    Seriously though, is there anything that wrong with that?  Well, at least I know one person that feels like me.  Maybe I am nuts!