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Monday, August 28, 2006

Dear Fellow Bloggers

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

This is my blog.  

I can edit my blog any way I feel like.  I can write about anything I feel like.  I can post pictures whenever I feel like it.

Most importantly- I can delete comments anytime I feel like it.

I really appreciate all the kind and supportive words I have had in the past year.  I know I vent and complain a lot, and I love all the honestly in your feelings.  Anyone that leaves a dumb stupid comment that is disrespecting to me and my family can kiss my ass.  So if you ever feel the need- go ahead and leave it elsewhere.

You know who I am talking about ANONYMOUS.  Yes you- the person who’s reading this and your hands are just aching to leave some smart ass comment on my blog.  Well go ahead.  If it makes you sleep better at night- then PLEASE be my guest.

My only complaint to you Anonymous is…Why don’t you just let me see who you are?  I would love to look at your blog and see who is leaving me the comment.  I mean why do you feel the need to hide?  Is there something so embarrassing and degrading that you just can’t get the nerve to reveal yourself?

*Update on my Problem Child*

Thanks you EVERYONE who had something to say on this.  I really needed all the advice I could get to look at different perspectives.  I scheduled him for an appointment to see if he even has ADHD or if this is just something else- perhaps boredom.  He unfortunately will not be seen for about a month.

I have given him coffee and diet Mountain Dew the last 2 school days he has had.  I didn’t tell his teacher until this afternoon.  This was AFTER she told me how well he did today.  Guess what my blogging friends??  He got a smiley face stamp in his folder.  It was much nicer than big red markings that said TALKING and DISRUPTING CLASSTIME.  So it may have been the caffeine- who knows???

Today is my first day back in college- for those of you who read my College Mom post.  Ok.  Ok.  So it’s only one class.  I am on financial Aid suspension so….I have to work my way back up.

Again thanks for all the input for everything.  I understand people have different views but there is a way to put those views in my comments respectively. (HINT, HINT ANONYMOUS!)


wow girl... have no clue what's going on becuase i was on a blogging break but yea, i agree with you... it's your blog... do it your way or the highway!
I think that it is a shame that someone feels they have to post negative comments. If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut up! Like you said, you can be constructive in a nice way. I hope that the caffeine solves the problem, then no worries!
Wow, my ex husband had ADD. Did you know that the medication he takes is a stimulant.. that's what they give ADHD kids, stimulants.. somehow it works for them. Caffeine is just another stimulant. wow.
I have to call you because I missed out on the jerky comment. I'm glad he's starting to do better!!
I'm glad your son is doing better. I couldn't imagine coffee or Mt. Dew calming anyone whatever works...
I'm clueless as to this comment thing. What happened?
I never understand why people leave hate messages. Glad he had a good day.
I've been running across a lot of anon negative comments lately. Fist off only cowards post anon. Second what's the point really? Obviously to make themselves feel better about themselves or because they get off on being cruel. What a shame. Sorry that happened to you. I'm raising spirited children also and the best thing anyone can do is be supportive rather than judgemental.

If you judge people, you don't have time to love them.
-Mother Theresa

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