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Friday, August 11, 2006

Being Slack, Relationships, and Being Clingy

Ok.  So I’m now out of excuses for not blogging.  Instead of saying I AM going to- let’s just say that when Tyler starts school on Monday I hope to have a better schedule of my day.  I actually want to get on a daily or weekly blogging schedule and I want to catch back on what I have been missing.
Well a lot of things have been going on.  I celebrated my 2 year anniversary last Tuesday- LOL August 1st .  (Just realized how long it’s really been since I blogged.)
Anyway, I have been having some Relationship problems lately and thank goodness for SOME-not all of my friends.  Some don’t get me at all and think that I should just let my husband do whatever.  Well, I guess I can do that and be completely miserable-OR I can tell him how I feel and he better give it up.  Some don’t even have kids so they have NO CLUE how I really feel.   I can’t blog much about it so I will stop here just in case this blog falls in the wrong hands.  I am also not very open about it.
I talked to a girl today who I just LOVE to talk to because she really understands how I feel about my relationship and men.  We have soooo much in common and I love how both of us are confident and comfortable talking to each other.  I know she could never judge me and I wouldn’t her because we have a lot of the same viewpoints.  Maybe it’s my age.  Maybe it’s out age.  Maybe it’s the fact that my relationship had so many problems in the beginning.  Of course maybe I haven’t told anyone here this.  I got pregnant when I was 18, I was in my first year of college.  I wasn’t sure-or I should say NEITHER of us were sure about having a baby or even staying together.  It wasn’t a forever thing.  Well maybe that was a mistake because he got awfully comfortable with the fact that we were together and lived together that he just didn’t see the need to propose.  He said he was going to, so every holiday I waited and nothing ever came out of it.  In all this time we had A LOT of problems.  Don’t get your hopes up- I am not telling any.  Plus my husband is a Nympho or something and thinks the world revolves around sex.  In the end I love him and I am glad that we went thru some of those things because if we could get thru all that then maybe we can get thru anything.  I don’t think anything any worse than what HAS happened with us could.  We still argue a lot but he respects my wishes and I would never start all over looking for someone else.
Point is and this isn’t JUST because of my husband.  I have trust issues.  I don’t let him do anything.  I don’t know if I could find another guy like that for me.  Because of my family growing up…lol, and even now, and because of my experiences with guys- I think men are pigs.  Some of these men may not be pigs, but they would be for me.  I can’t have a guy who hangs out or needs a guy’s night out.  I can’t have a guy that thinks that there are more important things than being with his family.  I can’t have a guy that has a job where he needs to travel a lot.  I can’t have a guy that has a handful of friends that are women.  I can’t have one that lies about everything.  If my man decides to do any of these things I WILL FLIP!  Seriously I will flip the (blank) out.
HHmmm.  Ok.  Maybe I am just Clingy, jealous, and totally insecure.  So maybe this is all my fault.    Seriously though, is there anything that wrong with that?  Well, at least I know one person that feels like me.  Maybe I am nuts!


I completely understand what you mean by falling behind on blogging, kids starting school, and also the last part of this entry. Being jealous, clingy, etc.

I have found myself getting jealous over things that I shouldn't, but yet I still do. I've been trying to learn to let things go and trust in my husband and our relationship.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and added you to my links as well.
Yup you know it girl- I can't let go of my jealousy lol. I try, but I just can't. No female friends, travelling for work, or any of the other crap you say no to over here either. He's MINE- all mine! LOL. Muahhahahahaha!
Am I the only one that doesn't mind if my hubs had to travel for work or have a night off? Cause you know sometimes I want that too. I think that if we can spend a little time away from each other every now and then and if you have complete trust in your relationship that being away or gettin a night out makes you appreciate your partner more.

I will agree that I dont like my hubs to have friends that are girls if that girl doesn't want to be my friend but if she wants to be both of our friend and it's that kind of relationship I dont mind at all. My hubs and I have been together off an on since we were sixteen so we've had a lot of growing up to do together and maybe that is why we are how we are.

I hope things get better for you Tasha. :)
No, baby & mom blog, you're not the only one who likes a little time away. I have hobbies and activities that don't involve my hubby and I like for him to have some parts of his life that are just his as well. Sometimes I just need some ME TIME.
He still keeps in contact with some of his old girlfriends and other female friends of his, and that doesn't bother me either because he makes me secure enough in our relationship that it doesn't even cross my mind to be jealous.

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