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Monday, August 21, 2006

College Mom

     Well, it’s finally going to happen.  I am going to start school again.  It may be slow at first-but I will be a College Mom.  Is that what they are called?  Someone once told me that MOST people wait to have children after they go to college.  Another words- I am just a loser. I do not believe that MOST moms do.  I think everyone is different and there are a lot of different people doing different things.  Many moms decide to have children young because they want to be young and energetic raising them.  Many people choose to wait because they don’t feel responsible or mature enough.  All I am saying is that no matter what you decide to do about an education as a mom- does that really change the kind of mom you are?  Does that make society look down on you?  If you had a child like me at 19, does that mean I will never have a chance to prove myself?  Is there anyone like me out there????
     Besides, at least I have gotten some college out of the way.  While raising my kids the past couple of years, I have changed what I wanted to do with my life.  That may be why I have decided to try and make this move now.  I know what I want for the first time ever.  I know what I want to go to college for and I am ready to take it on.
     What do you think?  Were you a college mom?  Was it hard?  Are you in school now?  What do you think about this statement…”Most parents go to college before they have children.”


I think that if you are trying to better yourself, noone should say anything, I don't care if you are 80 years old. I went to college when my daughter was around 4 but had to quit because it got to the point that I was having to put her in daycare 2 days a week. I just didn't want to do that. I'm thinking about going back when my son starts school next fall though. More power to you sister!
I got my master's degree while being a mom and it wasnt that hard. And, as you know my hubs is in school and will be for a few more years getting his PHD and we think it's normal. You are definitely not looked upon as bad for being a mom in school. It's a great choice to make especially now that you know what you want to do.
Congratulations! That's a very brave move.

First, I should say that I got my BA before I had children but have worked towards my MA with children.

I think that education is saught and delivered differently depending on who you are and how you learn. For some, a traditional education at 18 works out. Others need to work for a few years to decide what they want to do. Others never want to go to school because they have a craft, skill or talent that they have honed to the point of profession. Some get their education through travel and learning the cultures of various people, while others gain their by starting a family at an early age.

I didn't go to college at 18. I started at 20 and I graduated when I was 25. I had my first child when I was 27 and now I'm about to turn 30.

I wasn't ready to have children when I was 19, and I can't believe anyone could ever be. I'm barely strong and wise enough to do it now. Because of this, I have SO MUCH intense respect for all the young mama's out there that I meet.

I don't know if you choose a parenting style or if you just gain it through experience. Mine was influenced by the child psyche and ed classes I took in college, certainly. But moreso, I have chosen to parent the way I do because I experienced my own parents and learned what I liked and disliked and made changes accordingly.

I don't know if this has helped, or if it's just a bunch of nothing. Either way, I commend you for doing something for yourself, to help yourself grow. No matter what form growth takes, it's always a great example for your kids.
There are plenty of people like you. I don't like the term "most" because it's just a generalization.

I went to college after high school, then got married, had kids, and ended up doing something completely different than what I went to college for. Good for you for knowing what you want and going after it!
You know how I feel about this one...I think it's really unfair for someone to generalize like that. You do things in whatever order works for you. Period.
I say it is never too old to go to or no kids. I did get my degree before I had kids, and I worked for many years before I had them. I am now 40, and looking for a career change. I just may go back to college..and I have three kids. I see nothing strange about it.
My wife is in school now taking whats left of her pre-reqs for Grad School...she got her BS in Chemical Engineering. After she had our daughter, and decided that she wanted to pursue a Graduate degree in Pharmacy...we've been maikng plans ever since. I'll work, she'll focus on school. It's a 4 year program...she's nervous too.

Don't sweat it...give 'em hell! Good luck!
Who in the world would look down on you for going to school now? My hubs didn't go till he was 30 LOL. Who cares? I've told you before, school isn't for everyone and you have to want it to do it well anyway. Sometimes it takes the right motivation to make it happen! I went to school right away and big woop. I have NO idea what I want to do when my kiddlins are old LOLOL.... I'm going to have to go back but I still don't know what for.

Hugs and congrats :). You'll do awesome.

congrats to you! i did college right out of high school so got it out of the way but then didnt even have kids until we had already been married for 5 yrs anyway...
but, i am going back to school now and eagerly awaiting on my scores from my test to get my prek-3rd grade teaching license... i started my masters program tonight too.. so it can be done and you will enjoy your time in class.. i find myself paying better attention in class now than ever before and i think it's cause it's something new to think about other than the kids and home... school is like my escape!!!! good luck!

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