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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sad News Story and a Little Mom Advice

Even though it looks like the heat wave is coming to an end….I wanted to remind everyone of this post.

I am reminding everyone because I saw this the other day.

I was talking to someone about the simple mistake and how it was made. It wasn’t intentional and no charges should be made. In my opinion- and this is only mine- I think that if I was that stupid enough to do something like that, then I deserve to be charged with something. I know I would be punished enough with just the guilt the rest of my life. I just can’t imagine what this would feel like. I just know that I truly believe I would feel like being punished is what I deserve. I know this happens all the time, especially here where I live and it is very hot. I just can’t help but hate to hear about parents or even daycare workers being that neglectful. It’s really sad. All I can think about is if the baby was crying, or wondering where its parent was.

Parents- if you have a busy life and can see your self accidentally doing this. Why not make it an effort to ALWAYS put the diaper bag in your front seat. It is a habit in this household. If you are heading to work and you bring a purse or ANYTHING. Put it in your passenger seat ALONG with the diaper bag. Maybe- just maybe- when you grab your stuff the diaper bag will always be a reminder- Just in case.

Leaving a helpless child in a Hot Car is no joke:(


Oh my goodness that is just so sad. That dad is going to live with the guilt of this for the rest of his life all because he got so busy.
OMG! That is so terrible! Why on earth would you want to leave a baby ANYWHERE ALONE??? I can't imagine even leaving my baby alone in the room without a nanny or somebody to check on her... That is really bad parenting.....
I just posted about this a little in my blog! It really is heart wrenching to hear these stories.

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