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Monday, March 05, 2007

Go Tyler!

So another sport season has come and gone. Finally basketball is over. He had his last game two weekends ago and his first soccer game was this past Saturday. It never ends around here anymore. I am trying to decide whether to put him in baseball. I don't think he will stand still long enough. Here is a clip from his last game. I KNOW it's not a very good video, but I just never know when to start recording or when he will get the ball:( YES...he is number 32!


Did they call him on traveling?
Ummm....WEll NO. He is 6??? It's not the NBA!

I think it is a wonderful video (traveling ans all!)

I think it is great that he is so into sports and enjoys it.
Great job!!!! :)
Aww, he looks soo cute! What a good job!!

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