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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Having a Breakdown!

I am seriously going crazy at home. I am getting over a breakdown at the moment and need a moment to vent. If you don't want to here me whining....DON'T READ.

Right now I am typing with tears in my eyes. My two year old is making me lose it. I read today about autistic children and I hope he is not. He has the..worst..tantrums. Yes I know all kids have tantrums. I have posted about it before. One of these days someone is going to call the cops on me thinking I am doing something wrong to him. It makes me cry after he has been screaming bloody murder for 30 minutes strait. I am so sick of sitting here with the kids everyday praying for bedtime. Don't get me wrong, I Love, Love, Love my boys, but I am not sure I have the patience for this. Tyler growing up was very hyper and hard at times, but never like this. My younger one walks around like he owns this house and it's his way or no way. I am going to be honest. We used to spank Tyler and he new his limits. We decided to go a different route with the younger one and we don't spank him at all. He is now spoiled rotten and won't listen to anything. This morning he hit me and when he is mad he kicks me. I am not sure where these tantrums are coming from but they seem abnormal. Maybe it is just me but it upsets me so bad when he freaks out over NOTHING. Maybe because he is old enough to understand and knows what he wants is a problem. He is over two now and still doesn't talk. I can see his frustration, but what am I really supposed to do? I give into him all the time because the screaming really gets to me. I am also very consistant during tantrums and I ignore him like they say to do. He will stop but 5 minutes later he has another one. He has had two breakdowns since I started typing this. NO! I am not wrong to go soothe him at this exact moment while he is screaming and kicking the wall and THIS is why. If I go to him and try to give him a hug and calm him down...he will slap me across my face and push me away. Then he runs away and trhows himself down, and screams more. SO tha tis why I don't go try to calm him down. He won't let me. He hates me I think. Hopefully this will pass because I miss my sweet baby!

Here is an example of a cute and funny tantrum!


LOL that video is funny. Ok so I know that arent friends but hang in there. It gets easier
I am so sorry Tasha. I wish there was something magical I could say to make it better and to help you. I'm always ehre to listen.
rofl - it's hilarious how he stopped when he had no one watching.

With your situation, I know it's hard. Thankfully mine didn't go too overboard with the tantrums but they were still weren't easy.

One suggestion I've heard is to try teaching the non-verbal toddlers some sign language. Apparently it can give them a way of communicating so it eases some of the frustration. Well that's the theory anyway.

I taught Chickie a few basic signs early on and he used them to tell me when he was hungry etc. I personally found it handy - except when he wanted something he didn't have a sign for!
Thanks everyone. I did try to teach him sign language. My other son knew lots of sign language by the time he was a year old. My younger one won't even try....kinda like his talking. I teach him and I think he listens to me but he just doesn't want to do it LOL.
I'm so sorry. Maybe it is the moon causing our kids to freak out? I'm always here to listen to you, maybe together we can come up with something for our kids?!
I am sorry that you are having such a hard time. i have had times that I am extra stressed and questioning my mommy ability with Little Princess. We have gotten through it and I am proud of where she is now. hang in there sweety, you will get through it too
Leah throws some mean tantrums too so just know that you aren't a bad mom, and you aren't alone.
That sounds so much like my son. I thought maybe he was autistic too. He didn't speak much either and would have these huge freak outs. It was miserable.

My son has Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Once we got an Occupational Therapist to come in and help him as well as a speech therapist, life got a little crazy but soon there was a turnaround and today? I have a completely different child. A HAPPY child that I enjoy. And he doesn't STOP talking...

Google Sensory Integration Dysfunction. And contact your school district to find out more about a First STeps program. They are finding the Sensory Integration Dysfunction is increasingly common. And even some health insurance will cover an OC if your child needs one...

Just a thought...

Just a thought...
The first thing I thought of was Sensory Integration Dysfunction as well. I have a neice who is autistic and also has sensory issues. Carameana is right about the signing but if you can't get him to do that, why don't you try pictures? That is what they used for my neice because she still can't speak (she's 8). You should definitely have your son examined though because early detection is CRUCIAL in these situations. If you don't get an answer that suits you, I encourage you to PLEASE keep going to doctors until someone listens to you. My sister went through that for 4.5 years and my neice missed out on alot of therapy and treatments that are available. She was misdiagnosed many times.

I don't mean to alarm you but if you think it is beyond a "normal" tantrum, listen to your mommy gut and get it checked out. Who knows? Maybe he is just going through a brattier than normal phase but many of the things you described are classic signs of Autism, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and ADHD (which my nephew has).

We have found that the best source of information is our local school district. They have the names of many child therapists, physcologists, etc.

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