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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dinos and Wildlife and Spring Break OH MY!

Not just getting ANY break but SPRING BREAK! YES! It has been wonderful. Tyler had a soccer game this past Saturday but no games or practice this week. No homework to do for my kids or myself. No English poems to interpret. No having to go to bed early to ensure I get a good nights sleep because , yes, I have slept until nine everyday. My little one has been occupied by his brother. I feel like I have got some cleaning done.

BUT, that will all change by tomorrow night. We are going on a mini vacation HERE. Plans had been changed just today because of the weather down here. So I am prepared for a very busy weekend with alot of temper tantrums and alot of attitude from my kids. We were really supposed to go camping and horseback riding in South Texas, but it is supposed to rain all weekend there. Then we were supposed to go to a Wilderness Theme Park in Oklahoma but a cold front is coming through tomorrow night. So now we are heading to Fossil Rim for a day and then going camping HERE.

I can't wait for the fun to start. The break is almost over. This is getting me excited about SUMMER!

Is anyone else celebrating Spring Break???? If not now then when and what do you plan to do?


That looks so fun! I'll have to take the boys there when they get a little bit older.
Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! No spring break here. However, vacation time comes in less than 2 months.
Oh that sounds like fun :)

We don't have spring break here (it's autumn here now anyway), but we're going to the Gold Coast in a week and a half! Can't wait.

Enjoy your break.

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