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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Inconsiderate Drivers

My family and I are driving home from Target on a slightly rainy day. The first in a couple of months. There are 3 lanes across and everything is going fine until some lady pulls out right in front of me. She can't pull in one of the other two lanes....she has to pull right in front of my car, causing me to slam on breaks on a slick road with my 2 kids in the car. So I change lanes and pass her and she decides to get behind me. Now why the H@!! didn't she just go to that lane to begin with?
So we come to a stoplight and somehow she gets ahead of me and decides to get in front of me again. Which is fine. BUT LADY! Do you really have to slam on breaks every 3 seconds? Seriously here she is driving along hitting her breaks and nobody is even in front of her. Next thing I know she is riding in two lanes at the same time. WHATEVER! Now I am afraid to pass her because Lord knows what she is doing. Still slamming on breaks all over the road.
So I get to another stoplight and she is in the other lane next to me. I try- I TRY not to look at her because I might roll my window down and flick her off, but am trying to control my outrageous temper because my children are in the car.
What she does next explains it all! She opens her window and crumbles up a McDonalds bag and just tosses it out the window right on the road. I guess she was stuffing her face while she was driving, but why does she have to throw it out right on the street?
This happened 3 days ago and I remember every moment of it. Really, what is the world coming to? Not only was she an inconsiderate driver- but she just thinks she can throw her sh!% wherever she wants? I think of all the big incidents that happen, but how can something that only lasted 3 minutes and not hurt anyone aggravate me so much?

If this happened to you- how would you feel?


Knowing how I am, I'd most likely be making a scene by now. Our car was recently hit by an irresponsible driver. Worst part of the story is, he was drunk! Good thing the car was just parked.
Okay... first off, bad driving REALLY angers me. BUT littering!!! AHHHH!!! I'm incensed! I can't handle disregard to our environment like that!!!
UGH!! Yeah, I woulda FLIPPED! I've been known to actually (when walking) pick up someone's litter, run up to them, and say "excuse me, you dropped something" and hand it back to them.. Littering pisses me off BIG TIME.. so does bad driving, but you can't really do much about that! Here from BE
My blog yesterday was about littering by throwing ciggerette butts out the window. I was very anoyed and let the lady littering know. Not that it did any good.

Glad she didn't run into you or someone else.
OMG you kept your cool! I don't know if I'd be able to do that.
I would have rolled down the window and given the finger. I have 2 kids too so I know the feeling.

The rubbish thing too annoys me, why not just wait til you get where your going, your car is gonna stink of it regardless!
I added you, too! Love the blog! I also like Mom Advice Central!
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I do not know how you kept so calm. I wish I could say I do and I often have all 4 of my kids with me!

As someone already said, of course the HORRID and dangerous driving was just inexcuseable but the littering??? I don't understand??

I honestly am speechless. Like, what on earth is the point in that?? I wonder what her house looks like?? She must sit on the couch and just toss wrappers all over or something??

Glad you guys came out of it ok. Honestly, dorks like that are extremely dangerous. I can understand why you are so upset, that is truly just...unreal!

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