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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Here is an example of my unorganized life! Ok. WEll this looks like a scene from I SPY. My kitchen is totally organized and clean at all times. So are both the kids rooms. I don't know why my computer desk looks like pure chaos. Whenever I go to clean it- I get distracted chatting with people online or anything online for that matter! I have anything from Skip-Bo cards to a fork. My goal is to clean up this desk today! Oh and this picture doesn't show the crap on TOP of the desk LOL!

I Spy A Flipped Over Speaker!


good luck on the reorganizing. i've learned that i get way distracted when i'm anywhere near my computer. once i park my butt on the seat, you won't be able to keep me away for hours...hahaha! :)

michele sent me back today.
Remember that episode of "Friends" where Monica has a messy closest? That's what my office is. My Monica room. Naybe that's what your desk is.
Michele sent me!
Here from Michele's...too funny! I have a desk that looks like this at home!
Back again from Michele's!
I'm just the opposite. My desk is really clean. The rest of my house however is a mess!

here via Michele's!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your desk looks suspiciously familiar to me... :) You're one up on me with the clean kitchen, though. Actually, you're up on me with the clean bedrooms, too.

Perhaps I should step away from the computer? :)
And I bet you know where every single thing is, don't you? It's a different kind of organization!! :)
Wow! I thought my desk was a mess. My desk has become the catch all of the house. I have to clean it every other day just to keep up with all the crap.
Ok that scares me! LOL! I don't have a desk? May be I should get one.
Mine is bad too! I am too ashamed to post a picture!lol And, I have to say, my house other than that stays clean. Dejuana
wow..and I thought my husband's desk was messy. I have nothing on my desk..I'll post a pic on my blog later to let you see think its the only thing here that stays clean and organized. Every other room is usually a mess..but a clean mess...
lol That looks like my desk before i cleaned it the other day lol. Its amazing how long it takes to get it cleaned compared to how fast it gets messy huh.
This is pretty much a mirror of my computer area in my office and in my bedroom! LOL! No matter how many times I try to clean it, it always ends up looking this way. So why bother? :P
My computer desk is one of the places that is kept nice and tidy I can't work in an area that is out of control. My boys room on the other hand UGH, teenage boys are not the tidiest of creatures :)
yeah this looks almost as bad as my hubby leaves our desk. everything on the desk is his except my digital camera...
Hi, Tasha~

Your desk resembles what mine looked like last week. It's hard to clean when the computer is turned on though. It's too tempting to check email and chat.

Have a great weekend! Hugs!
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