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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wahooo! I have a job!

I started my job yesterday. WAHOOOO! I haven't worked in years it seems like. Everyone is so cool and welcoming though my kids were little terrors. I go in today later on. Yesterday they had me researching on the internet all the phone numbers to the maintanance departments of all the school districts within 100 mile radius of DFW. Can you believe that? Researching stuff on the internet and taking care of my kids. Just like at home!
There is a downfall. I have to bring Tyler to school and back up there so I pretty much do alot of traveling. Today I am going in late so I just have to take Tyler to school and then his grandma is going to pick him up. I will only have to make 1 trip. I just hope the little one is ok without his brother:(
I hope I learn alot since my husband will be running this business in a different city. I have had some friends put it down already saying how unproffesional it is to bring my kids to work. WEll who cares- it's a faith based business and if I have to find a sitter for my kids, I just as well stay home. I read someone's blog and commented not long ago. Yes- everyone needs a break but my kids will only be young for so long. I want to be there. I am not going to be one of those moms that has a job, gets a day off, and still brings her kid to daycare.
This place is just very family oriented and is called a "faith based" company. They believe that children at a young age should spend alot of times with their parents. They are very successful and in their eyes, they believe that their success has been made by making the company this way. It's the only company of it's kind in the country right now and all eyes are on it. So I don't care what people think about me bringing my children to work. I guess I am venting a little bit...LOL


Good luck with the new job. Wendy directed me here today.
who cares what everyone else says and beleives about what you do! you're doing what's best for you and your family! isn't that what mommies are supposed to do?!

I would LOVE... L.O.V.E. to have a job right now that I could take my kids too... I need more money since I quit working in August... and it would be nice to take them with me to not have to work to pay for childcare expenses!
Good luck with the new job.

BTW - Wendy sent me. ;)
I think being able to bring your kids to school ROCKS! You get to have a little income, learn the business AND be with your little ones! Where can I sign up!?!?! LOL!
Duh... I meant "bring your kids to WORK" not school!!! whoops!
I think that it is wonderful that you can bring the kids to work with you. The company sounds like they are great to work for :)
( Wendy sent me LOL )
Woah!!! BIG NEWS CONGRATS! I hope this works for you my dear.

Way to go and good luck on the new job! Also from Texas!
I think it's so great that there is such a company there! If I had encountered a business that allows me to work and to watch over my kids at the same time, I wouldn't have decided to just up and leave my career forever. I truly suport your decision and yes, you shouldn't care what other people think of it -- they're not raising your family anyway :-)
That's so cool that you are able to do that, there's times I'd like to take mine with me and times I'd rather not. LOL

Wendy directed me here.
Wendy directed me here. Congrats on the Job. We have lonestar here in Australia too. I love the armadillo cheesy fries, the 5 star burger and the hot fudge choclate brownie desert that's really yummy!
I agree that it's a great thing to be able to bring your kids to work- we talked about this today...I think anyone that has the nerve to comment about it being unprofessional is just jealous that you got such a great job!
Oh and I used to work at Lonestar when we lived in NJ!!
Thanks for auditioning, the winner is up :)
I think that's great being able to take your kids to work and spend time with them.

It also sounds like a nice break for you to get out of the house and do something different for a while.
hi again tasha! i know you said you visit everyday but i just wanted to make sure you didnt miss my post begging for votes in a new blog contest! thanks! :)
That's totally cool that you CAN take your kids to work! Keep on doing it! And if it becomes a problem, then just quit!! Hey, where can I find a job like that?!?
bringing my kid to work would be a dream come true for me. You are so lucky to have found a job that very understanding of what it takes to be a mom.
Hi, Tasha~

I think it's great that you have a job you can bring your kids to. It's nice that it's a faith based company that allows that. I wish more companies were like this. It's hard for some people. I know I can't afford day care and I know some people like it but I guess I just want to be the one who is there all the time for my kids. If a job like that presented itself to me I would try it out too. Your doing what's best for your family and like you said at least your learing the business your husband will be running soon!

I think that it's SO GREAT that you can bring your kids to work. Who cares what everyone else thinks. This is the best for you and your family. Heck, I'd take up that offer if it was put in front of me!
Hi Tasha,

Looks like you've been really busy...

hope all's well!
I don't think any WAHM will think you are "unprofessional" because you take your child to work. I work two days a week (without my son) and on the other days, if I have to go in to the office, he comes with me. So you are not the only one and I don't think it's unprofessional at all. Like you said, they are only young once. Like you, I want to BE THERE.

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