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Friday, January 06, 2006

Silly Photo

I believe this is a silly photo of my youngest son Peyton. Who by the way is over a year now! Yea!! He was drinking his bottly and fell asleep. Look at his big old belly! I would definately say he was full. This is probably the only time he has ever fallen asleep with a bottle. I thought it was so funny with the milk running down his face:)

I'm posting this thanks to a great blog that everyone should check out-
A Mama's Rant. Right now they are having a Post a Silly picture and win a cool book contest!


what a cutie, just swung by to say thanks for coming by my blog.
It is a pity you were not there a little sooner for the auditions :)
I do it once a month so early Feb you will have another chance to take part.
Have a great day
He's adorable!.
What a sweet baby! That's a great photo!

Thanks for stopping by :-)
Peyton is a very cute little baby...

I'm here from Michele today and happy to say Hello to you and Meet & Greet!
Cute pic! babies are soooo soft and adorable. Here via Michele's
hi from micheles!
your baby is too cute...
Hi Natasha. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture and moment. Thanks also for dropping by my blog - I'm glad you had a good time, and hope you return often. I'll do the same: there's lots of great stuff to read here, too.

Re. writing advice: I always go with the simplest way. Basically, write every day, then figure out where to send your stuff. Editors respond best to things you've already written, as opposed to unsolicited requests for work. Practice your writing every day and you'll eventually determine your optimal direction.

All the best.
that is a cute little buddha belly!!
If you want a seriosly good laugh watch these hillariously funny videos Good Fun

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