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Monday, January 23, 2006

A Bad Week but Looking Better!

I haven’t written in awhile because lets face it, I haven’t been in the mood.  I had a pretty crappy week last week and I am still not sure if I am over it.  After everything it has come down to the fact that we may move soon.  We had planned on moving to SC sometime at the end of this year.  We still are but because of my husbands job we may be moving to Austin during that time.  I am NOT excited at all and I don’t want to go.  If I am going to live there I just as well stay here.  I seriously am pretty aggravated with his job.  He works long hours and they want to send him out of town for weeks at a time.  Now they want us to move all the time.  I guess I am not being a very supportive wife.
This weekend my long lost sister decided to call my mom and she wants me to send my older son to Florida for her birthday.  I haven’t talked to my sister in a couple of years.  She didn’t go to my wedding and has always called my kids “Bastard” children- and now she wants to see one of them?  It’s definitely not going to happen.  I don’t even know her anymore and I think she owes me some sort of apology for the way she has treated me and my family. I am totally lost on this one.
What makes it worse is Aunt Flow came last night (sorry I am still a Southpark fan).  I DID get a break this weekend for 2 nights.  My MIL usually only watches my older son and she watched the baby for 2 nights.  Things are looking up.  My mom is finally coming to visit from NC in a couple of weeks.  She hasn’t seen me since I was pregnant with Peyton and hasn’t seen him yet and he is over a year old now.  Hopefully I will get back in the mood to be on the computer soon. This week I am going to start cleaning again.  I don’t think I lifted a finger last week.

Until then- Have a Great Week!


Sounds like you need a big mug of cocoa and a novel to lose yourself in. The moving part... I'm about the worst person to ask right now. We just moved in December and I never want to do it again. Perhaps when the dust settles... but that mug of cocoa and a novel is usually my way of coping. And maybe a hug.

Tasha, I'm here via Michele. I haven't been to Austin, but I've heard it is a wonderful city. Maybe you would like it; although if your husband will be travelling a lot, you might be better off to stay where you are until you move to SC. Good luck.
Hey Tasha! Visting from Michele's site - you commented on my blog about the cold MN weather. While it is cold up here, it's also a great place to live. It's fantastic to have the change of the seasons. And in the Twin Cities, you get the best of two worlds - the great outdoors and the city life. Just a little plug for MN! Thanks for visting my site!
Michele sent me tonight! I love your blog! Sorry to hear you are having such a rough week :( It sounds like you could sure use a vacation! lol

Kudos for posting a picture of your desk below, it takes guts to do that! Mine is actually worse than yours, but I don't have the courage to post it lol

It was great finding your blog - and I hope things get better for you soon!
Hey Tasha,

You have so much going on. NO wonder you're feeling stressed. Moving is so hard by itself, never mind if you're not sure you even want to go. I'm with you, not sending your son on a trip with someone (sis or not) who you haven't seen in years. YOu know what you're doing.
Hi, Tasha~

Thanks for stopping by with Birthday wishes for me!

Sorry that your are going through a crummy time right now. I sure do understand that you don't want to move. I don't think your being unsupportive your just frustrated. Hopefully things will look up soon!!

Hi Tasha, so sorry you had a bad week. i guess we all go through these kind of situations at one time or another. Hope things are looking up for you now!:-)

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