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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Question

Would you rather deal with someone who is snotty and thinks they are better than everyone, OR someone who thinks they KNOW EVERYTHING- and everything you say or do is wrong?


Well, since I know everything, it would be hard to find anyone to fit into either category... LOL Actually, I think I would rather deal with the later. A snotty person would just piss me off.

Here from Michele's
I already live with the 2nd (my 14 yo daughter), so I think I'd prefer the first.

Hi, Michele sent me!
Hmmm, I guess the snotty someone. At least I run a pretty good chance they know how to shut up.
People that think they know everything, also enjoy hearing themselves talk.

Hiya from Michele's!
I'd rather walk away from both kinds of people actually.

Here via Michele's :)
Probably the snotty one, because I could cut him/her down to size. Mr. kenju would say I am a know-it-all and he has to deal with me daily....LOL

Michele sent me.
Thanks for coming by my blog to say hi. I am in Garland and yes it is way too hot today...but I have not had to put on the AC yet.
Do I have to choose?
NEITHER!!! I'd rather be alone!!!
Hi Natasha

Sorry...I haven't been by in a while. Just been dealing with not feeling well. I hope the start to the New Year has been good for you so far.

As for your random question...I wouldn't want to deal with either one.

Is there a third option ?
Snotty...because you can always put them in their place- they don't expect it...know it all's just talk and talk.

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