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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tagged Again!

I have been tagged by Petite Mommy. I didn’t know what to write at first but here goes….

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was still in high school. Hanging out with friends and enjoying my life as a band member! LOL

What were you doing 1 yr ago?1 Year Ago I was still excited about having the newest addition to our family. He was only about 2 weeks old.

Five snacks you enjoy.
1. Jalapeno Kettle Cooked Chips
2. String Cheese
3. Ramen Noodles
4. Chips and Salsa or Queso
5. Coffee LOL

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
1. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson
2. Any song by Mariah Carey
3. Any Song By Kenny Chesney
4. Any Song By Rascall Flatts
5. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Pay off all those Debts….and that is a lot!
2. Own a home in every land setting…especially the Beach!
3. Buy A Joe Gibbs Edition Cheverolet
4. Take a long vacation
5. Save the money for my kids…and their kids…and maybe even their kids.

Five bad habits.
1. Smoking
2. Temper
3. Drinking Way too much coffee!
4. Being lazy
5. Not exercising AT ALL!

Five things you like doing.
1. Being with my family
2. Watching all my favorite shows.
3. Riding Horses
4. Shopping!
5. Playing Games!

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again.
1. A VCR
2. A Pager
3. Jelly shoes for sure. Keeping your Amanda!
4. Bangs
5. Heels ( I have gotten way too tall throughout the years!)

Five favorite toys.
1. Computer.
2. Digital Camera
3. My Coffee Maker!
4. Photo Printer
5. All Games


Jelly shoes! LOL!
I'm glad you did! Is Queso that white cheese sauce stuff for tortillas or am I lost?

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