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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cheers To A New Year!

In case anyone notices-Yes I did write this like a week ago. I decided to edit it a little and post it again. Please don't ask!

Happy New Year to All! This year is going to be a great year-which doesn’t say much compared to everything our country went thru last year. By the way…has anyone heard there was a Tropical Storm in the Atlantic? New Year’s bring on new possibilities. Do not limit yourself on what can be done without a doubt. If you think it can’t be done- think “Is it possible?” Possibilities are endless.

Well we had an exceptional Christmas and New Year. Yes it could have been better but it was one of the best holidays with my family yet. When I say my family- I mean my husband and kids. We didn’t see my mom- who lives all the way in NC. It’s hard to get the four of us there…and she doesn’t understand that she can take off work??? Peyton turned a year on the 15th of December and she still hasn’t seen him. I sure got to spend a lot of time with the in-laws though.

This year I started this blog and a website and haven’t dedicated all the time I should to it. It is a New Year now and after writing my New Year’s resolutions- building my site up is one of my first priorities. I am also planning on starting a new site- which is definitely going to be more me! I am sure a lot of other moms will relate to it as well. Some other resolutions that I wrote down….

Get Organized! Yes- I am a packrat. I keep everything and anything that I think can somehow be used at least once in the next 5 years! I have to stop! I sell things on Ebay and that gets rid of some. I actually have bags full of items to go to Goodwill! By the time January is over, I hope to have every cabinet in this rat hole cleaned out.

Stop Smoking- Yes I have been saying this forever. This time I am doing it whether I want to or not. I don’t need them. What was I thinking as a teenager? No, it wasn’t that I wanted to be cool…even though everybody else did it. It was more like I just wanted to be a bad ass? I wanted to do something bad that I couldn’t go to jail for. Maybe because I was so sheltered my whole life…..

Control my Temper- This has been a resolution for 3 years now and I think it’s finally almost gone. It’s not that I go crazy- I just have little patience with just about anybody I deal with and I am not afraid to express it. I also have anxiety problems where I am constantly worried about everything that goes on in my life. I have learned to just let things go. So you cares that my oldest son climbed over the baby gate with a whole cup of milk yesterday- as if he didn’t already know he was going to spill the whole dang thing all over the floor?

Last but not least…I need to finish my writing classes. I was supposed to write a fiction piece for my last exam. I have yet to do that. Thank God it is learn at my own pace. I will have it written within the week and have it sent out within 2. I have to send it out because I have to write it all in special format as if I was sending it to a real editor or publisher.


Controling my temper is next on my list. That is a hard one though.
Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! You DID make sense... It's nice to know we aren't alone in our feelings.
Great - now I have another mommy blog I'm gonna be checking out regularly! You sound like you lead a very interesting life!
Can't wait to read more!
Oh, and I SO need to get organized and control my temper, too!!!
Good luck on meeting all your goals this year. Giving up smoking is the best thing you can do for your kids.
Although that may not help the patience and temper issues for awhile LOl
Once you get through it, it will be a lot better.
Good for you for setting such challenging-yet-realistic goals. From the way you write, I can tell you're going to mow right through all of them.

The writing course sounds fascinating, BTW. I'm sure you'll rock it in the end.
Best of luck to you in the New Year, especialy with the effort to stop smoking. I stumbled here from a responce in another blog.


Good for you for putting writing on you goal and priority list. Keep it up!

Also, best of luck with the quitting smoking thing. I quit way back in college. I went to a hypnotist with some friends and never smoked after that. Part of the reason for my success was that I was committed to it. But I think the hypnosis worked a bit.

Michele sent me!
Great resolutions list! I hope you succeed with the quitting smoking part. It seems like the hardest thing to change! Maybe i need to see the hypmotist Karen went to see! I relate to the worry and temper control part, too. My list of resolutions are here, if you'd like to check them out too :
Enjoyed your posts! I came via Michele's :-)

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