Mommy Needs To Vent

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peyton Jammin

Does it work yet anyone???

I wanted to try this You Tube thing out so if anyone can't view this- leave it in the comments LOL.


It won't load for me! GRRR>
Won't load for me either. I tried clicking on it to open in a new window and it said it was a private video - perhaps that's why it won't load?
That is an adorable video! He is totally trying to jam!

I had to click on the video and watch it through utube rather than on your site.
LOLOLOLOLOL That's awesome. :)
I can see it now (here, didn't have to go to youtube either). He is so cute!!
I finally saw it! What's going on with you? Call me I can't get you on the phone AT ALL!
Thats soooo cute! I love it. He looks so sweet swinging back & forth!

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