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Monday, October 09, 2006

Spinach, Beef, Lettuce...... What is next????

We try to keep our kids safe. We watch them as they take a bath and we make sure to teach them not to run into the street. I am a very paranoid mother and find myself worrying about keeping my kids safe. But how do you keep them safe from this....this.....and most importantly to me right now this??

Yes, that last one gets to me. They didn't say Texas, but I looked on the package of Green Leaf Lettuce I bought 3 days ago and sure enough it said it was grown in the Salinas Valley in California. Even though Texas isn't up there- I probably will not be feeding that to my family. It says they found E.Coli in the irrigation system? Great! That makes me want to eat produce out of California- Really.

I love salad. I really do. It is my favorite food and I love it, love it, love it. After the spinach scare- I wouldn't even walk into the produce section. I would go out to eat and stare at salad but just couldn't come to terms and eat it. Spinach or not- until they figured out EXACTLY what the deal was, I wasn't gonna eat it. Now 3 days ago-FINALLY I decide to go buy some produce to start eating salad gain, and BAM! There goes my appetite.

I do not want my kids eating salad now. I think I might start packing their lunch. I just never knew I would be scared to eat a salad! Sigh...Guess I will go throw away all the produce I have bought. Next thing I know it will be tomatoes!


*sigh* The food scares totally are scary. I was reading an article about food safety and how it is actually 41% better than 5 years ago, however public perception due to the media is that it is worse.
It is hard to protect our kids in this crazy crazy world! I hear cookies are still safe!
If it comes to the tomatoes I'm going to DIE. I'm Italian and I need my tomatoes. I made a killer Bruscetta on Saturday when my parents came over. It was f-in awesome.
I love salad. I buy the prepackaged ones all the time and order them in restaurants all the time....but not lately. No thanks, I really don't care for Ecoli on my salad...just tomatos and cucumbers.
I am totally with you on this! Geez, you can't eat anything without worrying over it anymore. I love salads also! I had one today and stopped eating it about halfway through out of fear.
Yep, it's just too much. I give my kids a Juice Plus supplement so it's not worrying me too much but it's still just something else for people to worry about.
Tell me about it! Just about the ONLY veggie I could get my boys to eat was spinach! I've beent trying collard greens, but the taste is just so different! Ick! Frozen waffles still OK? LOL!

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