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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shoe Gnome

I think we have a Shoe Gnome. Yes- A SHOE GNOME!

One of Peyton's shoes is gone. I am venting here because I am about to give up. We searched for 2 1/2 hours last night and now 2 hours today.

I have searched high and low. I have searched through every cabinet, beind and under every piece of furniture, and in every trash can. I have searched in every toybox and every drawer. I have searched in our cat litter box, and every other inch of this place!

Then, I searched all those places again....and again....and again.

Yesterday I only went to one place- Party City- which I called twice already, although I KNOW I didn't lose it there. It was here before his nap yesterday, and then it disappeared in 3 hours!

I don't think it just walked away. I think the "Shoe Gnome" took it!


hehe we have lost shoes before and it is terrible, I was unaware there was Shoe Gnome!!!!
The "Extorist"? Which one! ~ jb///

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