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Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Contest

UPDATE: I wanted to let everyone know that I am holding a Valentine's writing contest. The theme is "HOW WE MET." Think about it and come back here tommorow for more details including prizes! If you would like to help sponsor this, let me know.

So it's the end of yet another week of chaos around here. Okay, my week actually never ends but let's just say it's almost the end. There is just never enough time in a week anymore. I have so much stuff to do every week and before I know it, it's Friday. Some exciting news is the kids are going to their grandma's after T's basketball game in the morning and I honestly need the break. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but sometimes I need them to go away. My English teacher stinks this year and I am having problems in Literature. My week is full of interpreting and analyzing stories that I can careless about.

My good times this week have included "Lost" coming back on. I watched it and feel completely satisfied yet still as Lost as I can be. My older son only got into trouble in school one time this whole week. Believe me, that is great for him! My two year old is finally calling me "Mommy" and NOT "NINNY."

Bad times this week-well Literature for sure. An anonymous fan of mine that has been obsessed with my blog, posting quite funny things to tell the truth, but nothing I believe my readers want to see. They don't want to read my "lame ass" blog, yet they come back and peek around EVERYDAY. I can't get rid of a bunch of fruit flies. They are probably the most annoying things I have ever come across. Oh yeah- and we didn't get the house we put an offer on AGAIN. Lastly, this is a new one, reading THIS sad sad story. How can people be so damn cruel?? Sorry, but people like that don't deserve to live.

Since Valentine's Day is on a weekday, we are going to celebrate a little early this year. We are thinking about just heading out of town. I really want to go to Bossier City to the casino. I haven't been in awhile because I don't like to gamble my money away but I am feeling rather lucky. We have been trying to get a house and maybe I will hit the big one this week and my worries will go away. Most of all, the hotel room at those places are pretty cheap but pretty extravagant. I mean they are nicer than any other hotel room for the price that is for sure!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! What are your plans for the weekend? What were your highlights this week and how do you find enough time in the week to get things done??


woohoo you wrote about me.....its so great to see you do care!!!!
It's so funny how this annonymous person acts like they want no part of your blog and says all this shit, but then keeps coming back. They can't get enough of you obviously!

anyway, the contest sounds like a great idea. I'm going to post about it on my site tomorrow. Just let me know when you have the details up.
Send me all your details and I'll post about this on my site and blog. Post it on OSB too since its all about Valentines Day right now.

As for anonymous, wow, I think she/he is obsessed with you! They say these things yet keep coming back. :(
The contest sounds fun! I hope that you get a break from everything and enjoy yourself. My week sucked. That's all I have to say about it! Hopefully, next week will be better.
I posted your contest here

And it's on the main page of

I'm out of town so no access to chat.
Sounds like fun, I'd join in the fun but my story is a little embarrassing and I'd rather not share it!


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