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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Precious Moments

My kids on Christmas morning. This is when they are opening their stockings. I will never forget this past Christmas. I have so many pics but I love when the kids open the stockings. It was precious! Aren't they just sooooo adorable? It's obvious they took after their mommy and daddy!!!

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do these boys have the same daddy???????
Your kids are beautiful! It's been so wonderful chatting with you and hearing how amazing life has treated you!

Thanks K. For anonymous...yup! They have the same daddy! Isn't it wonderful? One looks just like me and the other looks just like their daddy. Life is so precious!!!


Thats such a cute photo of your boys!

BTW, one of our boys looks like me and the other looks just like daddy. Happens all the time!

Oh yeah I don't look anything like my daughter LOL... she looks just like her dad and my son looks just like me!!!! He has hughes of his dad but it's hard to see.
Oh my goodness - my two boys have the exact same sweaters! I dressed them alike as well for the holiday.

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Your boys are adorable!
Real cute picture of your 2 boys.
They are adorable.

CUTE boys! :)
Love your blog too!

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