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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And The Winner Is.....

Thanks for the entries for the Valentine's Day Writing Contest. ...and the Winner is....(Drumroll Please)....Chelle at Crazy Thoughts by Chelle. Go congratulate her and give her some LOVE.

I want to thank the other writer's the stories were great and it was a hard choice. We had a group of three women including moms judging. Be sure to visit the other entries below!

1. Three Peas in a Pod
2. Unicorn Child
3. Mommy Does It All

Some want to know how I came up with "How We Met" as the theme. I want to have this contest every year, so this will make it my first "Annual Valentine's Day Contest." In case the same bloggers want to enter, I don't want the same story every year, so next year we will have a different theme.

I haven't posted my story yet, which of course is because I want to join in. it is a little odd so look for it tonight!


Happy love day!!!!
Congrats Chelle :)

Will go have a look at the entries tonight when I have some time!
That is so cool that Chelle won...I enjoy reading her blog and just read her story this morning! I was going to enter my how we met story (we're both military brats and our fathers were stationed in Germany when we first met) but I found out about the contest too late! Oh well, always next year!

Thanks for the comment you left the other day about the video of my daughter!
awwwww shucks!! Thanks!!!

I look forward to reading your post on How You Met!!!

I really enjoyed the contest and hope more people will jump on board next time! The entries were wonderful and I met some new bloggers!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

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