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Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Day Writing Contest

UPDATE: View the participants below. They have some great stories. Go show them some LOVE on Valentine's Day!! There is still time to participate my friends, so come join in:)

1. Three Peas in a Pod
2. Crazy Thoughts by Chelle
3. Unicorn Child
4. Mommy Does It All

Today launches our Valentine's Writing Contest. We are looking for all kinds of memorable stories from your first meeting with the love of your life. We want to hear them whether they are funny or romantic. You might have been in love at first site or you may have been friends before you ever started dating. No matter what, we want what comes from the heart. You can use false names in your story if you would like, as long as it's YOUR writing and nobody else's. The theme is "How We Met."

Rules for this contest is as follows:

1. This contest is for ANYBODY that blogs and has a story to tell.

2. Please post about the contest along with your story. Spread the word:)

3. After you post your story on your blog, be sure to leave a comment on my blog with your link.

4. The deadline for this contest is Feb.13 at 12 midnight. Yes we have extended the deadline:)

5. Winners will be announced on Valentine's Day!

The winner will receive the prize below courtesy of Holly Ehle. She is a consultant For Once Upon A Family. Be sure to check out her other great products at


WOOD-PATTERN LOVE BOX This is the gift you can give all year long. Inside this charming wood-patterned paper box are 12 love-themed cards for you to list all the reasons why you love that special someone in your life. Give to your spouse, a boyfriend, your children, a favorite Aunt, a Grandparent or a special friend. Once the notes are personalized, this box becomes a gift of love that your loved one will consider a treasured keepsake. Add an element of surprise and hide the box somewhere your recipient would least suspect: in their car, at their office or buried in their sock drawer. This little surprise will surely brighten their day. Includes 4-1/4” x 4-1/4” x 3” box with 12 love-themed cards.

Once we know you have posted your story we will announce it so everyone else can read! Good Luck!


Hmmmm... I may have to do that as I like that box!
Okay I promise to post about the contest tommorrow lol. You know I'm lazy.
What a sweet idea!
What a cool idea!

and yes! Tattoo are expensive to remove. It takes about 6-8 trips at 200-300 per trip depending on size and colors of your tattoo.


(Thanks for stopping by my blog!)
Very cool! I am in and will post something tomorrow!

(oddly your site has not pinged as updated?!?!?!)
Can't wait to see the winning entry!!! Thanks for the visit, btw! I'll be back (ugh, I just realized I sounded like Arnold by saying that, so don't take it that way, LOL!).

What a neat idea. I can't wait to read all the entrys. Love the box. Thanks for stopping by
Thank you sooo much for stopping by my spot in cyberspace!
This sounds interesting. I might give it a try.
Oh what a really neat idea! The way my beloved met is so long and drawn out ... but I'll give it some thought to writing it out anyway :)

Thank you for stopping by the other day - I thought I had lost your URL and couldn't find you and now I have you again!! :D
Cool contest...I'm not posting my "How we met" story till V-day though...I can't wait to read them all...

Thanks for visiting...and WAIT as long as you can for a dog!!!
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, it meant a lot..oh and you are beautiful!!
Hi Tasha, sorry i've been missing my blog visits. I just gave birth to a new girl and have been having difficulty doing my rounds... i will join your contest, but i hope i still make it though....
Ok Check out my How we met story!

My entry is posted ... hopefully it will be inspiring to others to get cracking!
I posted my entry! I know it's late.... but it's just perfect for Vday today :-)
Hi Tasha,
Thanks for visiting my blog.

I would love to take part in your writing contest but it's too late now.

You look beautiful without makeup and you look gorgeous with it. I need to put on makeup whenever I'm out because I look so sickly.

You are a wonderful Mom to your lovely kids.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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