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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dining Out on Valentine's Day CHEAP!

I wanted to share a little something I had seen on the news awhile back. After today, my reader's will probably realize I have spent all day looking up Valentine's Day on the Internet!

If anyone is a stay at home mom like me and feels like they are low on money this Valentine's Day, I found this great website where you can get Gift Certificate's for less than what you would have to pay at the actual restaurant. Another wards, you pay $10.00 for a gift certificate worth $25.00! This is real folks. The restaurants that use this site are nice upscale places. I saw an interview on the NBC in Dallas and they said they use this program to bring costumers in and to promote their restaurants uniqueness. Anyhow, I have used this before and the restaurants change from time to time so see if your favorite is listed!

Here is the deal, you should at least try it. Below is the information for a special coupon. Just click on it and put your zip code in, and it will pull up a TON of restaurants in your area. This would make a great gift on a budget as well!

Save 50% on Dining Certificates and get a $10 certificate FREE! Use code SWEETHEART at checkout. Offer valid through 2/10/07.

I am now off to find more great deals!


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