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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I finally know what it is like to be screwed over by a car dealership. Remember, I am young. This is only my second time buying a car. I have learned my lesson. (now that my payments are $100.00 more than what I thought they would be) I don’t even have a job right now. I don’t understand how they get away with it. Purchasing a 20,000 vehicle is a big step. They just conveniently lose papers and act like you are an idiot.
You should have heard those people laughing at me and hanging up the phone. They wouldn’t even discuss it. It all came down to some add-ons that I have now found out came with the car anyway. They charged me $500.00 to have keyless entry when the car already had it to begin with. Some major tips:
  • DO NOT DRIVE OFF THE LOT WITHOUT A CONTRACT. Sounds like something I should have known in the first place. The finance guy lied and said that he would draw up a contract and we needed to go in and sign it in the next couple of days. (I had 2 kids with me and it was now 11:30 at nite) So I just figured that it would be taken care of. Once you drive off the lot, the deal is done.

  • DO NOT GET THE ADD ONS they make sound so great. Come to find out they were just jacking up the price. I have read so many articles on the internet that say all most of that is crap. This is the thing…we agreed to all that, signed the contract, and then decided we didn’t want that payment, so we signed a paper saying we wanted it cancelled.
OUR EXACT WORDS: “We do not want this car with a payment that high.”
But “no” they didn’t say anything like, well its too late.
  • DON’T CALL THE DEALERSHIP after you realized what happened. They will laugh in your face and make you cry. They could careless what they did when I talked to them and I was bawling my eyes out like a baby. They already got their money from the bank. They didn’t care about me. They don’t even care about customer satisfaction because most of them won’t be working their in 5 years.
If any of this sounds wrong, let me know so I can get out of this. At this moment, I still don’t have a contract. Anyone that lives in Arlington, Texas-don’t buy a car from Vandergriff Honda!

Just had to vent….

By the way I just made my first internet site. I will post about it tomorrow.


That's why we have a guy named Marvin Zindler on TV here in Houston. He goes after the bad guys
Listen to Jill; sure I live in NC now; but I once lived in TX and I know how Marvin Zindler works.

Find someone with the local news station and report it. Also contact the Better Business Bureau.
Hi Natasha,

That's horrible what they did to you. They always try to pull a fast one. When I bought my Toyota Sienna last year I wanted a particular color and I was told that was $2000 extra. Stupid me agreed and signed the papers. Well when I went home it just didn't sit right with me and I did a bunch of looking and calling around and found the same car I wanted. I went to the new dealership to talk with them and got $5000 cheaper price. I couldn't believe it. I cancelled the other car which in most states your are allowed to do and get your deposit back though that dealership wasn't happy oh and they said if I didn't cancel they could take $500 off. I said no way I got a better deal elsewhere. So it really pays to really search things out and know exactly what your going for before you go options and all and know what you want to pay. It saved me money!

It's hit or miss whether the local TV station's consumer reporters can get anything done for you. Try the local better business bureau, as well as whatever department is responsible for licensing the dealership. They tend to act a lot differently when the government is calling. Do it as quickly as you can while the details are still fresh in your mind. Good Luck!
Every state I have ever heard of you have 3 days to change your the BBB, your state attorney general, local tv and radio stations. Raise a STINK so big they will gladly cancel your contract..Dont take this lying down, this is your money, that you work hard for, dont let them dictate how it is spent..
Thanks for the helpful info. I am thinking I will hold onto my car as long as possible, but I used to drive a Honda.
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Hi there N asha, I AM OUT SEARCHING FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION ON car tips and found your site.
Although this post wasn't exactly, what I was looking for, it certainly got my attention and interest. I see row why I found your page when I was looking for car tips related information, and I am glad I stopped by even though this isn’t a perfect match.

I made the mistake of going to Vandergriff Toyota last Friday night. Found a Toyota RAV I wanted and they began to "deal" with me. First thing they did was to add $995 to the "final" sticker price. When my friend and I got relentless on what the $995 was for we were told it was for "EPA" protection. Sounds like a federal law requirement, huh? NOT SO!!!! When we kept on them about it we were told that it was for a "clear coat" they overspray at the dealership! BULL****!!! After that and after a 20 year old telling me (age 44 and an attorney) about how finances and car deals worked I walked out. I've e-mailed Toyota about them and their $995 "EPA Protection". Wonder how many people have paid for this thinking it is required by Federal Law. Buying a new car is grueling don't need these guys trying to rip you off on top of everything else! Watch out DFW...these guys are "questionable"!

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