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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Growing Up Too Fast

Yesterday was Tyler's first day of Pre-K. It was such an emotional day. I couldn't believe how my eyes filled with tears when I dropped him off. Were they tears or joy? Was I proud? Or was I just stunned at how quick the time is passing. It was just yesterday that I brought home this tiny little bundle. He could barely open his tiny little eyes. I remember that first year. He was born in November and it was like a story from the bible at Christmas time. My favorite time of year and now it was the best Christmas I had ever had at that point. I remember that first smile in January. All that time I didn't even look into the future and really see this day coming.
Now here he is running to his classroom to greet his new teacher. He doesn't even care that he is leaving me as long as he can interact with other children. As long as he is the happiest boy in the world, I don't even care.
Everyone told me to enjoy him when he was younger because he would be his own person before I knew it. I will remember this day while my 8 month old is still so young. The time seems to fly by more with him. Before I know it they will be married, have children, and I will be feeling this way about my grandchildren.
Good Luck, Tyler. Have a great day at school! Mommy will be back to pick you up later.


great to see another mommie blogger, i enjoy seeing other childrens progress, and other mothers thoughts as i try to raise my boys the right way. good luck and keep blogging!
What a cute boys you have. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also have a baby girl. She's 11 months old. I am still learning everything about parenting. I find your blog very informative. Thanks for sharing. Abigail Faith is a Miracle

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