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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

When Babies Try New Food

All parents get worried when their child doesn't want to try a new food. They wonder what is right and what is wrong.
My eight month old son started eating broccoli today, and he wasn't the happiest baby on the block. It was fun getting that green gunk out of my hair. I started thinking about how I got my first son to eat so well. He is an excellent eater and is not picky whatsoever. He will eat anything you put in front of him unless it has hot sauce on it (go figure).
Then I think about some of the other children I know that won't even look at anything besides chicken nuggets. I am not a psychologist, simply a mother with two children. I also have experience with the children that used to come to my daycare. Here are some of the dos and donts for parents that really want healthy eaters.
  • Try the old trick that we all know. The airplane-zooming-into-the-mouth trick. You can be as silly and dramatic as you would like. You should get at least a couple of spoonfuls in.
  • Give some bait. Try giving a spoonful of something they love. Make them want more and then stick that yucky stuff in their mouth. They won't know what hit'em! Or try putting that irresistible taste on top of the food.
  • Let your baby play with it. Put a spoonful on the highchair. It is a baby's nature to somehow get some of it in their mouth.

If your baby doesn't want it, wait a little while. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STARVE YOUR BABY. All parents feel that they will starve them if they don't feed them. When your baby is hungry, he/she will eat. That is a proven fact, even with adults. Trust me on this one.

Just remember this- you as a parent are in charge of teaching your child healthy eating habits, and no matter how upsetting it is, it is best for them in the long run. Don't give into them and don't give up. Teach them to eat vegetables and fruits. Malnutrition leads to a variety of complications. Remember that, and it will come natural to you.


Might come in handy for teenagers too....

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