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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Baby Einstein Videos

My son just adores his Baby Einstein videos. They say not to let children watch Tv too much, but I don't see the harm in it. Ok. Well he doesn't like all of his movies. I have a 10 disc set and then one extra. He loves BABY MOZART the best. His next 2 favs are Baby Gallieo and Baby Neptune. He could care less about any of his other ones. It's so funny, he is so content when watching it. When he was 0-5 months he would just lie there. Then he would just sit there. Now that he can pull up on things, I have a hard time because he is always trying to grab the images off the tv. He gets so excited just to see the beginning credits because he knows what's coming on. "My Little Einstein Potato!"
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But aren't you afraid that you are turning him into a coach potato?
Thats awesome! my son likes to watch the images the music makes on windows media player. he will stare up at the PC for hours!
Nothing wrong with some t.v. time girl! Brax learns so much from good t.v./movies!!! :) I added you to my blogg... check it out!
my kid likes tv too... i let him watch nogging before his morning nap - and then no more tv - until i have to make the house normal looking before my husband gets home..

do what works for you and your kid... i am sure he is awesome - love your site!
used to think my niece watched too much TV, but now that she's 11 I think it helped turn her into a more tolerant wonderful person. Really!!!!!!!!!!

But lately she has been asking all sorts of questions about Tony Soprano--she's never watched it, but has read about it and seen promos

She also watches White Chicks endlessly but closes her eyes during the sex scenes, I think as she puts her hands over my eyes while I'm watching it with her!

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