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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Well, I got to meet these people first hand yesterday. I went to the Salvation army here in Arlington....they were holding about 300 survivors, but then I went to Reunion Arena and the Convention Center in Dallas. They were holding THOUSANDS. I mean it was nuts there. They need more volunteers. I think I will go to a shelter in Fort Worth today and have some interviews. I am doing Freelance writing and didn't even realize it would be a good idea.

One guy was talking to me and said it was quote
"Like something out of The Twilight Zone" He kept repeating that over and over. He said people were fighting and dying right at his feet.

I also held a woman's baby that was only 4 weeks old. They had stood out in that for 3 days.

People were so thankful, yet acted as if they were scared of us. People were offering there homes and they wouldn't go. They were not stingy with donations at all.

There was a little girl, probably 7 years old begging her mom to let her have a shirt, and her mom kept saying no. We already got you some earlier.

After reunion arena...I went to a hotel that somebody had paid for 300 families to stay a whole month. They were saying they would never go back. There were plenty of people who had money, but just rode out the storm and ended up losing their cars and everything. Of came here for shelter from the storm and are now stuck....

I am telling you. They ALL need our help, so if you haven't donated please do.

The main thing is people are donating alot of used items..

The children need school supplies BAD SO many are waiting for that. Also they need clean undergarments. There are just not enough underwear and bras, and people seemed stressed over that. You would think Wal Mart would do something about that....anyway, just letting ya'll know.


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(Here from BE)

I'm in Carrollton...appreciate the info.
Hi Natasha,

It was so nice that you were able to reach out and be with the people who are suffering from Hurricane Katrina. I wish I wasn't so far away. I know here on Long Island, the county is awaiting 300 families to arrive this week to be housed for the next 12-18 months. I can't imagine how horrible of a situation it is to be in. It is truly sad.

I used to live in Arlington, loved it!!! Thank you for visiting the survivors. Everyone keeps calling them victims....I do not think they are victims. Yes in a sense they are, but the true victims are the ones that lost their lives. The people struggling to get back on their feet are survivors. I have donated more than once and will again if I can!! Thank you
You are doing such excellent work for the survivors/victims, it's very noble and inspiring.

Take care!

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