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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Help! I need Toy Ideas!

Ok. So I have a site about Advice For Moms and here I am needing the advice. Does anyone have any good toy ideas for a 5 year old this year? Tyler will be 5 on November 8 and then there is Christmas...I have been looking into it and haven't found anything!


My wife just bought our 4 1/2 year old son a wooden fruit and vegetable set for cooking/cutting. It is held together by velcro, and he thinks he is actually cutting the foods. He likes to help us cook, so this is pretty cool. Here is a link to it: Practice Cutting Set
what about computer games that are educational and fun?? Or the programs that are books? They turn the page by clicking the mouse???
Here is a list. How about a few of these?

leappad handheld game-leapster


guitar/drum set

science kit

skateboard & gear

imaginext system from fisher price ( my son wants T-rex mountain)

How about the read with me dvd system from fisher price

Kids Karoake system


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