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Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm Back!

I have been kind of slack lately, but It’s just a blog.  I get in my kicks and I need to take a break sometimes.  I will be visiting everyone tomorrow!  I hope I find some interesting reads!
     The Pacifier dilemma is getting to me.  I KNOW my 14 month needs to get off of it.  Right now he is in his crib screaming.  He has been up since seven this morning so I know he is tired.  I bet if I gave him the pacifier he would be out for about 4 hours.  Thankfully I have lost it so I don’t have an excuse to give in.  I know he will be ok after a couple of days so I hope I don’t go insane by then.
     My other son has some idea that he is starting kindergarten next week.  He kept counting the days down and now today is his last day of preschool before he starts….so he says.  He claims his teacher said that but she has NO CLUE what he is talking about.  He is so dead set on it too.  Maybe it was a dream????  I am totally lost and he is in for a disappointment on Monday when he goes right back to preschool!  I don’t know where he gets some of the things he thinks of.  
     I have been working.  Yes.  Working.  I am already sick of it.  I must keep on doing it.  I must keep a job for once in my life.  I must…I must…I must.

Oh Yes!  My mom was here last week and I was doing so much with her I forgot to post.  It was really fun.  I had a great Valentine’s Day and brought the kids to some great places.  We went to the Children’s Museum and Ripley’s House of wax.  My mom had a great time and spoiled the kids rotten!

Have a Great Weekend!


welcome back! i missed ya! i kept noticing on my blogroll everyday that it never showed you as updating so i would come check and see you still on the MILF! glad that you weren;t gone for anything bad but for fun stuff with your mom!!!!

and the pacifier... or binky, as we call it here... my 2 oldest had it till around 3 yrs old... it was no big deal to get rid of them either... my 3rd who will be 3 on may 29th, he still uses it and i know he needs it as he sounds like maggie simpson when he has it in his mouth! he uses it at nap and bed and also when he is sick... like right now... see my T13 for this week!

anyway.. glad you are back! have a great weekend!

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