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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I am so lazy on Sunday's. I don't feel like doing anything. We went to Wal- Mart and spent way too much money. Now I am on the computer. Oh- I did buy this really cool workout video and after doing it for 5 minutes....realized I really need to work out. I couldn't even hang!

I am posting just in case I don't for the next couple of days. Everything has been so hectic. When I do get on the computer, all I want to do is look.

Here is a picture of my husband today....LOL. I thought I was lazy. That could be me....but I would have a Margarita in my hand!

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Hi Tasha! Thanks for dropping by. Let me know if you want to do Thankful Thursday so I could add you to this Thankful Thursday's blogroll :-)
i'd like a margarita too please! just a regular one on ice please!!! cheers!!!!
That cat looks suspiciously like a certain Worthless Pet that lives in my home. He's more of a wine guy, though.

Wendy directed me here tonight.
i could hang w/that cat.

WW sent me
OMG! Could I L.O.V.E. that cat more? And yes on the margarita! Girl after my own heart!

I'm so glad I found your blog - Wendy directed me here (hardee har har). I thought I had exhausted all the mommy blogs. Yay!

Good luck on this amazing race to Wendy's blogroll! ;) LOL
It's a cat's life! Wendy directed me your way today!
Love the pix! Here from Wendy
This is too funny. The thought of a drunk cat makes me laugh.

Not that I'd ever try it. Noooooo.

But a little harmless imagining of same can't be bad. Can it?

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