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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I got one of these Pilate videos I have heard so much about and started it. I don't know if my body can take it. Am I doing something wrong??

I am in soooo much pain. I hurt from head to toe seriously. I can't pick Peyton up. I have a headache. I have chills and I think I am getting a fever. Is this normal? Is my body in shock??

I can feel my anxiety kicking in and I want to go to the Emergency Room. I only did the video twice so far.Is this pain going to go away? I am crying right now. HELP!!

I will take any advice!


Well, the first couple of times it does hurt, but it shouldn't give chills or a fever. Those to things a for sure not related :)...
I like Pilate - but I used to do it a gym...
I am here from Wendy's Casting Call.
It will get better, just keep at it.
Maybe the overall body pain, chills and fever are occuring because you are actually getting sick and is just showing itself coincidentally at the same time you started the video?
I mean, I love the pilates videos and yes... they make you sore but I agree with eph2810...they definitely shouldn't give you fever and chills!!!
hate to say it...but I think you're coming down with something! Better rest, and do the Pilates once you've recovered!
Hi from Michele's!
You've definitely got something! Wait for it to pass before going back to the pain of the videos from Michele's ;)
The first time you do ANYTHING, it will hurt. The trick is to give yourself a break, then push through and do it again - and again, and... - until it no longer hurts. Your body needs to acclimatize to the new regime.

The first time I did yoga at a lunchtime fitness class at work, the same thing happened to me. I persisted.

A few months later, I quit the company and never did Yoga again :)
I actually got really sick in the stomach after trying out Pilates with one of my clients (I actually designed an entire Pilates video and book!), but this was because I made the mistake of eating before i did the exercises! I was color green by the end of the session!

Maybe the chills and fever was caused by the weakening of your body's resistance because you did the exercise for the first time. I sometimes get a fever by just having a massage after a very long time.
I've never done pilates but you may have been getting sick from something else...
Hope your feeling better.
First of all, Pilates may *only* be a stretching and toning excercise - but if done right, you *WILL* fill like you just did the biggest weight training work-out of your life. Your "core" (read center) ought to feel it.

However, the other stuff? Never head of that tied to excercise before. Perhaps you're getting sick on top of it.

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