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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Possessed Monitor

Everytime I turn my monitor on I hear strange people talking. It is so weird. The other end of the monitor is in my son's room and I NEED to hear him. It is frankly getting on my last nerve.

At first it was REALLY SCARY. Then it got PRETTY FUNNY. Now it is really ANNOYING!

Yes. The first time I heard the strange monkey noises....and the little boy whispering...I was pretty mad at my older son for being in the babies room. Then I realized that he wasn't. Then I realized that the monitor in there wasn't even on! I called my husband right away FREAKIN out. For two days I swore the monitor was possessed. Everyone has finally convinced me that I am probably picking up someone else's reception. I have no clue how far these things can reach, but there are no families with kids on either side of us.

Anyway, after the convincing ,we started eavesdropping. YES. Eavespdropping. Ok. I am still young and need a little fun in my life. Nobody asked for their little conversations to go into MY monitor. Some of the things we heard were horrifying. A mother cursing out her child....and then sometimes, words in a different language. I really hate when I hear someone yelling "Mommy" and its not my kids.

Well now it is soooo irritating. The thrill and fun of it is over and I want to hear MY baby crying at night, or babbling in the morning, or anything else he does while I am in my room. Even when his is ON, I still hear these voices. Imagine sleeping at night hearing strange voices. It can kinda drive ya nuts!

Has anyone else ever had this issue with their monitors? The monitor we have is one that has the noise sensitivity so it lights up on different levels depending on the loudness of the noise. THat makes it scary too.LOL If so what did you do about it? We have tried to move it. I don't want to go knocking on people's doors trying to find out.


well, first off let me just say...THANK GOD THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN TO ME! I am soooooo easily creeped out that I'd have run out and bought a new monitor! You are a braver woman than I! Secondly, I can't even imagine how annoying listening to other people and their kids all night must be! I don't have any solutions for you but all i can say is...i'm sorry! Maybe try a new monitor????
Tasha, how long have you had the monitor? I'd be tempted to call the manufacturer to find out if they have any suggestions.

Also, what you said about hating hearing "Mommy" and it not being your kids? That made me smile a bit, only because when my son started playing baseball, every time a player would call "Mom!" from the dugout, 15 moms would look over to see if it was their kid. When the kids got older, they actually started calling for their moms by first name. It was the only way they were guaranteed the right one. :)

I hope your monitor issues are solved soon!
I have a girl below me in our complex, and I still don't pick anything up- I think it depends on the frequency the monitor is on or something? Have you tried switching channels on the monitor? if that doesn't work, I'd consider getting a new one with more channels maybe? Oh, and something to consider...if you can hear them, they may be able to hear you! LOL. I think about that EVERY time I am in the baby's room and her monitor is on- I wonder if people can hear me talking to her, singing to her, and just being really stupid- can these strangers hear my bodily functions?! LOL.
Yes, years ago when my surly teens were surly infants, I was tuned into a lot of neighborhood dysfunction. This too will pass.
Hello, Michele sent me.
I've heard of something like that with garage door openers opening the wrong person's door. Is there some way to toggle the frequency or something? (speaking as someone who has never seen one in person)
This IS kinda creepy!!

I have heard of this happening before but not to this extent. We live out in the country, in the middle of no-where so we've never had this problem.

Are you able to change the frequency on your monitor? If so, try that.
That never happened with our monitor, but it does happen to my computers speakers. Sometimes my speakers picks up radio stations, but one time it picked up a childs monitor, except it wasn't children I heard, just the neighbors getting it on, and she was screaming her head off! Just surprised that tiny women does anal!

Anyway, I suggest buying a new monitor, or be prepared to hear more than you payed for!
oh my, I must say that THAT IS SCARY! I definitely would not have thought I was picking up other people's signals. Knowing me, i would have conjured up this whole scenario of picking up sounds from another dimension of some sort! LOL!!
Sorry, I cannot really give you an advice for this one other than to throw it away and buy a new one! We all need peace of mind. And no monitor should stop us from having it! :-)

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