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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Break

So is everyone enjoying their Spring Break? No getting up and rushing the kids to get ready to go to school? I FINALLY have a day off today and decided to do a little updating on everything.
The pics above are from the Fort Worth Children's Museum. They had so much fun. My Little P kept watching that ball go around and around and around....I swear for about 30 minutes. As he was doing that, My older son was grocery shopping. Believe it or not, that was his 4th cart full. He is going to be a shopper!
We were thinking about bringing the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo. We are most likely not going to. Yesterday there was over 20,000 people at the zoo. It was half priced Wed. and during Spring Break. Also there was a new addition to the zoo. A baby giraffe was born 2 days ago!
We are going to be moving to Austin in about 2 months and I am excited but really don't want to go. I wrote about this in an earlier post and don't want to get into it right now.

Of course Lost was a rerun last night AGAIN! Why do they keep doing this to us? Not only the repeats...but repaeats from the FIRST season. I am not into Lost at all these days. It just seems like it isn't going anywhere. I am actually more interested in the new show Invasion. Or is it the HOT park Ranger I love? Either way, it is getting very addicting.

WEll that is all my thoughts for today. No venting really. Things have been pretty great lately. I will find something to complain about soon enough!


Our spring break starts next week. We had planned on going out of town but I'm not sure if we will now. It's still cold...anyway, yeah I like Invasion and Eddie Cibrian. He is HOT!
Those pics are too cute! They have a fake grocery store? That is too cool!

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