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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Would You Like To Own This??

Do you see the image of the Virgin Mary in this tree??? If you are a believer, you may have the chance to own it!

Up For Auction on Ebay Today is a

Seen by thousands of needs a new home!

Don't forget to read the terms:( I really could have bid on this because I had 5,000. I just didn't have 50,000 to get it moved!

This post isn't trying to make fun in any way of these people's beliefs. I just can't believe that they are auctioning it off. This is from here in Texas and its all over the news. WHY don't they just GIVE it away??

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I can't believe they are auctioning that tree on ebay! Don't they know that the bark will get old and fall off someday? They should just take photos of it and sell those....LOL.

Michele sent me.
and you watch...someone will buy it too!!! and to think I can't find a buyer for my motorcycle, but someone will buy an old tree for $55,ooo!!! sheesh!
I always forget...Hi from Michele's!
This item has garnered a lot attention among the inlaws and the enormous inlaw party over my shoulder.
I can sorta see an image if I squint and turn my head and burp to the left, but no thanks, I'm not bidding on it. I'm so not a believer! Funny, though.

Here via Michele
It blows my mind the things people put on on ebay but what's even worse are the IDIOTS that buy them!!!

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Hope you had a fantastic weekend! :)
Yes, that is STRANGE!!

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