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Friday, April 14, 2006


Lately I have been wanting to rearrange my house since we have decided not to move to Austin. My kids have seperate bedrooms and the themes are John Lennon in the baby's room and Sports for my older son. Well sports was a mistake because he has no interest whatsoever in any sports. He is very interested in art. Anyhow, I now want to have them share a bedroom, a place for them to sleep and keep clean. When I do this I am going to transform the other room into a playroom. I want it colorful and fun and I am having problems coming up with ideas. I am not the worl's best decorator and my kids know how to make the room a mess.
Many moms have sugested a jungle or safari theme which sounds like fun. If anyone out there has some good decorating ideas or knows where any pic online of safari or jungle rooms are, PLEASE let me know. I have been searching and searching and am about to give up. I did see some really cute stuff at target. They have a new safari line but just a rug is $30.00 and I can see all the stuff adding up quick. I am a stay at home mom and on a budget so that is a little extreme for me.


Maybe you could check out walmart or kmart or the discount stores like Ross, Marshalls, Steinmart, etc.? Try looking at the patio stuff-they might have something that you could use for a jungle/safari theme.

Oh, and I've found some really good deals at the Goodwill Stores, Salvation Army Stores, and any thrift store for that matter.
You could also check out eBay. They have such great deals sometimes...
Glad to see you back and blogging! Sounds like the playroom idea will be spectacular. I think with two boys, sharing a room and having a seperate playroom is a great idea! Also, i think it's SUPER COOL that your son is more into art than sports!

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