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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thanks God! Kellie went home!

I have to go ahead and post this. I can't help it. I couldn't stand Kellie Pickler and was irritated that she was still on this show even though she has totally screwed songs up. So I am relieved but now that she is gone, it is hard to tell who is going to win. As long as she didn't. I am Thankful that some people were on my side, such as Kristen, at Mommy Does It All. This was a pretty big deal for me. I know this is about an all around good person, but I still think of American Idol as a singing contest. No matter how snotty Kat is, she still has a Fantastic voice. And everyone who thinks Elliot looks funny, well he has an awesome voice also. I like to see who did the best vocal for that night. I don't think some sappy sob story should win America over. I can't sing worth crap but my dad has told everyone I am dead.....does that mean I should be on American Idol and get sympathy votes?? Please do not leave anything negative in my comments. I am stating the truth. If you like Kellie, well say you do, but NO negative comments...only I can do that because this is MY blog, LOL.

If you have something to say, oh well, I think America said enough tonite. With that, sorry Pickler, your time was coming. I am sure your cute face and ditsy personality will gain you a spot somewhere in Hollywood. I am sure we will still see you around, as long as I can change the channel.


I came to your blog thinking you would be posting something about this..LOL..and I was correct.
I didn't hate Kellie but I didn't think she was the best or deserved to win either. It was her time to go definitely! I'm sure we will see her around. I saw ACE on MTV singing today so I'm sure she will be on CMT or something..LOL..most likely though she will be in Playboy.

I'm hoping Elliot or Chris wins it all!
LOL. Amanda I JUST posted this! How did you know?? Yeah she will be on something. Lisa is going to be on the OC this week so I am excited. I actually liked her.
Thanks for visiting! I haven't kept up with AI this year the way that I have in past years. Work seems to be getting in the way. (I need to talk to them about their scheduling next

But from what I have seen I definitely agree that Kelli was the one that needed to go tonight. I'm a little prejudice where Paris is concerned. She is from my hometown (at least last 12 yr) down in GA and she is a doll! But I don't think she should win. This is terrible, but I don't know all the names. I'm leaning towards the bald guy. But like I said I haven't seen every show so I can't say a whole lot.

Looking forward to your 'weird things' list.

Have a great day!
I kinda liked Kellie, however, the last few weeks she hasn't been "steppin up" and I was not surprised to see her go.
I do have to say, tho', her ditsiness sure was entertaining! :)
I'm with you on this one! That girl had to go! But, I think that we will see her again. Maybe on tv or at the video store in the porn movies. Who knows!?
I'm thinking in the pornos or playboy like you guys said, lol.

I think everyone in the blogosphere knows how I feel about Ms. pickler. "Play pottery." Come on. LOL.

I love me my Elliott!!!
I'm so there with you I could not stand her!!! My husband on the other hand disagreed. I think he was secretly voting for her when i left the room.

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