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Thursday, May 18, 2006

American Idol

I am very surprised how American idol is going this year. It seems like the contestants are all soooo good and people are getting confused and not knowing who is best. In my opinion I was so sure that Chris and Elliot would be in the top 2. Now they are both gone. My favorite is still there. GO TAYLOR!!!!!!! I am NOT going to put down Katherine yet because I have really liked her. She was my favorite girl in the Competition unlike Stpid Kellie pickler.I mean Katherine may have an Awsome week next week, but I still really love Taylor!

As far as LOST....Could I BEEEE any more LOST????

I would also like to apologize for not wishing everyone a Happy Mother's day! Ya'll are some great people and moms. It really shouldn't matter because everyday is a Mother'Day in my eyes. So I would like to proclaim on my blog...Mother's Day will be today! So you should all relax and pamper yourselves. Have a great day!


Happy Mothers Day to you too! I am so glad to finally find a fellow Taylor lover! He has been my favorite from day 1. If he doesn't win, there is something seriously wrong with American opinions!
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You know damn well how I feel about Elliott, LOL. But like I said, I hate Kat and promise to vote for your man Taylor this week. And after the finale, I will NEVER watch AI again. Seriously. LOL. Seriously.
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Hello there, I am an avid AI fan. I am hoping Taylor wins as well. He is from my hometown so I hope he does us proud! Happy Late Mother's day to you as well. My first and so special at that!

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