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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yes...I Suck...When It comes to blogging. As you all have seen, I come and go as I please. Lately I have been pretty busy. I have had some problems in my family. I have also found I have a new family member named Clutter...Also known as Junk. Clutter is taking over my house. It was living out in the garage and has slowly made its way into my home. All I do is clean up and I am always in the mood to rearrange. It is hard to do with Clutter being in my way all the time. I have been trying to sell him and his parts on Ebay and Craigslist but he keeps spreading. I will sell something and see he has left some tracks behind. My little Prince P is now not taking naps so I stay pretty focused on him as well. Entertainment News...I have actually been voting in American Idol. I never vote. I get tired of hearing "The Busy Signal". I am now very dedicated to voting for Taylor. No matter how crazy he is...he is memorable. American Idol needs something different. Don't get me wrong, I still love Elliot and Kat, but I believe they will do fine and get a Album. I just want Taylor to WIN!

Also, I am totally hooked on Lost. I can't wait until the Season Finally which rumor has will leave everybody in "Awe." Rumor has it is one of the best season Finale America will ever see. I don't know if it's true but it sure does have me interested! Until next time....Have a Great Day!


I agree- I keep voting- you know who for- MY MAN ELLIOTT! I think Taylor really has a shot now, so does E- since Chris is gone. I still am in shock a little.

Anyway- check out my new post- you're in it!
I've been missin' seeing you around, Tasha! I hope everything's getting better.

Oh, and now that my man has gotten the boot from AI, I guess I'm all for Taylor too! He's always been my other favorite.
I'm for Elliot now! Hey, and what is going on with Lost? Did you watch it last night? I'm just hoping I don't have to miss the season finale. Come to think of it I may have to miss the season finale of AI too! :( All of it happens during our vacation week! Hopefully I can sneak off on my own and watch it. LOL!

Glad to see blogging again!
i'm all for Elliot at this point. Although Kat is a great singer, I'm kinda tired of having a chick for a winner. I wanna give the guys a chance, and at this point, I'm all for the show's underdog :-)
I'm a LOST addict too. It better be a good finale. I was a little disapointed in last years finale.
When I furst started, I blogged here & there. Now, I'm addicted.

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